Dear Trump Supporters.. Thanks Idiots! :)

Is it just me, or does all this talk of insurrection give you an erection like it does me?

O trump cult, terrorists, thugs, red scalps, savages, nazi enthusiasts, cowards, insecure men when small penises who can’t get laid… thank you. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much. Watching you push baseless election voter fraud after 62 courts (mostly republican judges elected my Trump himself) declared there was zero evidence. Watching you push crazy Q conspiracies that obviously nobody with any intelligence would believe due to the fact Q gives zero evidence and it’s honestly so baseless and crazy we have a term. They are called crack pot ideas because the only way to explain why someone would believe such bs would be indeed if they smoked a lot of crack. Because you idiots decided to storm the capital & make fools of yourselves not only are those people being locked up as they and any traitor to this country should be, but your party has abandoned your president.

You idiots handed us the Presidency & Senate control and now we can reign over you fools until the day I presume you kill yourself due to the inevitable realization you were wrong and you are indeed a traitor to this country. Let’s be honest though you are cowards you wouldn’t take your own life. You’ll cry like a little baby and I’ll be licking those crybaby tears for quite some time. People fought wars so you could be free to spew the hate and violence and since you chose pure evil, the long dick of the law will show you no mercy and neither will we. Also congratulations choosing a leader who’s IQ is that of a rock. Thank you for following a man who wears makeup and spray paints his orange hair. I can never be afraid of the Trump Terrorists because they are cowards and their leader is a complete idiot. What’s there really to be afraid of. They get themselves locked up or they run away blaming other people like AFTA​:joy: you can’t even man up and take responsibility. All this, we are so cool and bada** we stormed the capitol but when the cops came, o no we didn’t do it AFTA did. COWARDS :joy:


If your presidency was stolen why run like cowards? Why not take credit? Are you scared? Years of ugly women leaving you because you believe in crazy conspiracies and that fact they can’t get any sexual satisfaction due to Trump supports having very small penises, and you spending most of your time looking for a penis on Michelle Obama… cough cough gay weirdos, has gotten you here… sad… alone… turning and running with your tails between your legs like I ALWAYS knew you would. So again from the bottom of my heart PLEASE keep up the good work. The more you expose yourself the quicker we can deal with you Traitors once and for all.


Who are you talking to, oh unstable weirdo dude? You think the few dozen people that were in DC, inside the capitol are now reading DTV do yas? You couldn’t reign over the fckn toilet. Men like you only run your gibs on the internet. And also, who’s the WE that will be doing the reigning? Got some leftist congress people in your pocket do yas? No, you don’t have shit homie. You’re in the same boat as everyone else, just too stupid to realize it. Now calm down, stop fantasizing on all this penis talk, go upstairs, and tell your mommy to make you a sandwich. Might cool your head a little bit child.


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O yes first of the cry baby tears num num num thank you


Crybaby tears from you as well thank you


This post is one long cry, baby boy. You’ve proven through these words, that nothing you could do to us by gloating, will affect us as much as the last four years affected your mind, lol. LMAO


Omg more cry baby tears thank you so much


Any time baby boy.


Your cry baby tears will be FOREVER treasured traitor thank you :slight_smile:


Why O Why

Are These Type Threads

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Is This FB Now


Issues Much?

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Standard operation procedure for people who have been lobotomized and frightened by the media for the last few years. They missed the wars and the ability for men to go into the women’s bathroom, couple that with all the penis talk and the long dick of the law, so now they’re just oh so super excited.


My cup overfill with your cry baby tears traitor thank you :blush:


good morning no entry.


It’s Tire Some


A little bit for sure. But it’s also a little bit hilarious how damaged these people are, and their willingness to display it on the internet due to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Screw a Covid vaccine, they need to be working on a vaccine for these people’s sanity.


Sorry TD but that is impossible for years to come. Until they can grow a human brain in a petrie dish with nothing to start from it is impossible. You cannot vaccinate and organ that does not exist.


If its NE he meant to call himself Dum Dum and misspelled it.

Doesn’t Fit The Agenda

TD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: