Death Photo of Abraham Lincoln Found

The Mrs and I watched this just the other night, we believe it is the real deal.

But, WTF do we know…

How much does it cost to see it?

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Mrs found the program and Dl’d it.
So it was free

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It was a common tradition since photos were so darn expensive back then only the wealthy could afford a “living image” of their loves ones but often a after-death photo was sponsored by the family.

Some families as taking pictures got cheaper, went as far as taking entire albums of photos with their dead relatives after they died which is more than a little…morbid.

If you add beer and realize it was held in the home then you’ve described a typical Irish wake. If you add Hunter Biden then you’ve described a CCP drug crazed child rape and blackmail party.

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What amazes me is there are actually people out there so brainwashed to hate Trump by filling their head with garbage from mainstream news instead of thinking in any way that they admit Joe Bidden is a criminal, pedaphile and creep and STILL want him instead of Trump!!!


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