Death Ray - Ultimate Weapon of Nikola Tesla? Myth or reality?

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Oh It’s Very Real


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It is prophesied by dimitri duduman that russia will attack America with scalar weapons.

Planes detonating nuclear missiles where they sit, the only thing stopping them is they don’t know where they all are. The planes must be in close proximity.

Very real.
Russia is rumored to have replicated two of his towers in proximity to each other providing shield tech. and ray ability.
Will see if I can add a link later today.

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And Don’t Forget



And Then There’s This

Can’t Read Anything Seems
With Out It Connecting…

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That has been happening alot lately.

As if answers are unraveling themselves.
We just neede the right keys. :sunglasses:


The Times We Are in

The Veil Shall Be Lifted…


Many like myself consider the veil being aetherial.

T said it best.



Things Would Be So Diff

If He and His Stuff

Had Been Allowed to BE

He said himself, when he spoke to the press about his competitors…

“This is their time,…but the future will be mine”
Nikola Tesla

Ohhh Sna App…Yep

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