Defacing Egyptian Images

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The history of defacing statues or sculptures appears to a long as the history of Egypt itself…

In the ancient Egyptian language, the words for “sculpture” and “sculptor” emphasize that images are alive…They come to life through ritual…the word for “sculpture” means literally, “a thing that is caused to live,” while a sculptor is “one who brings (it) to life.”

In every era of the following three thousand years of ancient Egyptian history, there is good evidence that the practice of damaging images of the human form, as either protection from, or an attack on, perceived enemies remained common…As late as the Roman period, the Greek historian Plutarch could describe the mutilation of the body of the god Osiris by his brother Seth as the ultimate way to disempower an Egyptian god. Similar attacks on images continued into the Late Antique world of Christian Egypt, sometimes even imitating Seth’s attack on Osiris. Attacking a human image was a deeply entrenched ancient Egyptian method for dealing with an enemy…

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" Here again, the main figure is deactivated while the subsidiary figures remain. The intention in such an instance was to prevent only the tomb owner from acting in this world."
So the looters were scared of repercussions from the dwellers of the tombs. Not just bored ignoramuses and a bit of criminal damage ?
" Yet total destruction of a statue was regarded as less efficacious than partial damage, as many examples cited here show. In his late fourth- and early fifth-century CE preaching, Saint Augustine recommended partial breakage of polytheistic statues, saying, “Brethren, I deem it more shameful for Hercules to have his beard shaved than to have his head taken off.”
I would have chopped his balls off…I would deem that more shameful. :woozy_face: :rofl:
" The Muslim inhabitants of Egypt were interested in using for new construction the abundance of already quarried stone available in the form of Egyptian statues. Sculptures were reduced to cubic building blocks, as was the case with the Crown Prince Khaemwaset."
That is tragic as well, so much stripped for the mosques and palaces.
And of course history is re-written every-time there is a new victor. :beers:


I was thinking that’s were the thought of the mummies curses might e stemmed from back in the day…

Same old story through isn’t it mate…nothing is sacred :beers:

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That sounds about right…always an element of truth buried in myths and legends. :beers:

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