Depopulation Proof Quotes from the Elite

And fools think they want to help save their lives with vaccines and masks.

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broken link

works fine for me

What’s the name of the vid as I am getting a ’ wrong key ’ reply when I clic on the link tho I think I can still search for it there …

The message I get is view key mismatch. It probably works for you because it is in your cache or you are logged in.

I think the Gab platform is down now to havent been able to get in since last night at 8pm

No , but if you are looking for something check out go to beforeitsnews site n look for
'Shocking , Pedophilia done by the Elite is going to be disclosed ’ and 2 vids pop up 20 min each give or take , watch for Alex Collier n what he has to say about the elites n reptilians some pretty crazy stuff there . Lin Wood who made the vids seems to be legit and has some scary stuff to say and this gut holds no punches when it comes to pointing fingers …

:pray: :beers:

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Scratch that , I got in through Duckduckgo, had to change from google search engine ? Crazy

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Some of the things that Wood was saying a few weeks ago when people were calling him a lunatic, seem to be coming truth. He has been referencing the pedophilia connections for months.

I only just found him by fluke and will be checking out his other vids … this year will be very revealing .

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it’s not down… they’ve moved to their own in house servers and since the facebook, twitter, parler incident they’re getting about a million new users a day… and they’re servers can’t handle it… their buying new hardware but it takes time they said.

I linked to the video that way because DTV doesn’t support their share video links from gab. I’ve asked the mods to remedy this but not sure if they will.

Clic on the link then go to the GAB search box , it just worked for me …

Correct-fools always do!

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