Destroy From With In

The Biden Harris Agenda


I have asked my brother and friends, how will you react to the mandatory firearms buy back program?

Eventually leading to some deep consideration. As family, way of life, will be potentially threatened by navigating this conundrum.

One reply, was. Bury them. To which, I replied but they have recorded of you having them, and not being able to account for them. Result in being locked up, or put into detainment till you do agree to comply. In which, those buried would do you no good.

I’m not sure that I buy into the whole gambit portrayed by the article. Though I do see the shift as a result of groupthink that will infringe on if not outright remove individual rights.

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Grain of Salt…

Plenty of Ways To Have

Un Registered Fire Arms

…Not That I’m Advocating Any Thing Illegal…

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Indeed there are those floating around, but for over 30 years I believe… without jumping to a search. There is a database. I know any firearm I have purchased is registered. Additionally I have followed requirements for conceal carry, so they know right where they are, or should be.

I’m not keen on the whole idea, but I don’t know it is the hill to die on either.

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Riteo… :dagger::bow_and_arrow:

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I have a fairly extensive ‘historical’… sword and other melee weaponry collection.

Firearms are only good for along as you have ammunition for them. Then it’s just a club.


Riteo Again…


They thought Capital attack was bad…let’m try to take our guns.


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