Did Science Prove God?

I know a lot of people use science to try and disprove God. Well, I was pretty surprised to see that the Planck Satellite seemed to prove God and it showed that the earth is the center of the universe.


What has boyd posted now, I really must see it

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Well, I hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the upload!

No problem! Thank you for checking it out! I hope this finds you well.

Thats the really funny thing aye.
Science does proove God absolutely.
Over and over.
Most good scientists are aware of this too regardless of excuses they make they all damn well know that something created life wasnt no accidents but the pull the aliens nonsense instead because theres no way the luciferian control system will admit to God no way.
They hate God sadly.
Remember this however sceptics.
We dont need religions to have faith and be a believer do we??
Id say most are better of without any kind of middle man this is what i believe.
Take care everyone your all clever folks and be safe in our crazy world hehe.
I think God wants me to be kind to people even those what dont like me so therefore im trying genuinely to be that way in life yep


Yeah, we are suppose to love even the ones that hate us! I hope this finds you well. :wink:

gThank you Boyd your a gentleman great to have you here at dtv brother.
kind regards david.

Glad to be here. I hope to see you around more David.

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I did finally it was fantastic

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Love this post Great video bro! Best vid I’ve watched all day…thanks :beers:

The axis of evil :pensive: ? Makes you wonder how many things we are told are scientific fact for the sole purpose of convincing humanity that God doesnt exist?

Well there you go, same old same old, a video of claims upon claims.
“Look at the flowers so amazing obviously yahwhe”

Instead of the old watch on a beach we get coke.

Did science prove god ? Nope

Where’s the proof in this video?

Indeed , sattelites and rockets have gone up and lo and behold -

The earth is not a flat disc !!

No solid dome over it
No windows or hatches to let the rain in

No wingy angels up there either

Definately no sign of elshadai /jesus who gets all pissy about men making tall buildings.

Extraodinary claims require extraodinary evidence !

None here so back to good old faith


Well after a long list of circle jerk comments, was wondering when someone was going to break the chain.

I could barely stomach this. “i don’t want to insult people by using idiot or cretin” goes on to insult and assert “stupidity is measured” no immediate example of measurement. then “you can’t prove paralleled lines don’t intersect”; I can’t even.

place this one in the loony bin.

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So you want to prove a negative ? hm

How about the yahweh/jesus/el shadai godman proving to humanity it does exist, after all he does want to have a relationship with his creation doesn’t she ?

How is it possible for an omniscient omnipresent being not to have a relationship with its’ alledged creation.

El shadai, being omniscient knows exactly what evidence is required for non believers to believe. After all he provided you with the required evidence did he not?

Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that I require a little more magic than a magic book or a talking bush.

** [Matthew 18:20] - For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.**

There’s 2 or 3 of you here is there not ask him to appear and settle this debate, quite simple not difficult, got to be easier than making a donkey talk

Is very interesting, Not sure this equates as evidence of divine creation. Though technically all of creation could be evididence therof.

Great find Boyd thanks for the positive info. :sunglasses:

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I like you had the spine to watch it and engage with it. I fully understand your dislike for it. It was designed to make people uncomfortable.


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scientific proof for god?.. there’s an argument for that…

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Part of this argument is right since we can see the “effects” of a Creator all around us and not the effects of random evolution… but to pretend that Earth is the center of the Universe and that Earthlings are the center and summum of creation is very selfish, self-centered, ignorant, pretentious to the utmost, and maybe completely stupid! To think that all the Universe was made for our beautiful eyes is really going back to a religious ignorance that prevailed centuries ago…!