Did the Simpsons Predict Again Right? More Predictions Inside

Centuries ago, we had Nostradamus. And now we have The Simpsons.

But just because the show, which has been running for decades now, has managed to get a few things right over the years (like US President Donald Trump’s election. Or even the coronavirus pandemic), it does not mean that every incident that occurs can be traced back to The Simpsons.

For the past few days, photos that have flooded Twitter seem to suggest that The Simpsons had predicted the riots at the Capitol.

US Capitol Hill riots

‘The Simpsons’ predicted the seemingly inconceivable riot in the US Capitol. The Episode 4 of season 32 which aired on November 1, 2020 straight up predicted civil war, violent protests, and Trump supporters basically destroying the US.


Simpsons predict something similar to coronavirus

In the episode that was aired 27 years ago, The Simpsons predicted a virus outbreak similar to that of a coronavirus. Although they named it Osaka virus and claimed that the virus originated from Japan, the symptoms were pretty similar to that of coronavirus.

The series had a similar kind of prediction regarding the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

(Photo courtesy- Fox)

Donald Trump as the President

In an episode aired in 2003, Donald Trump was seen as the President. In 2016, Donald Trump indeed became the President of the United States of America.

(Photo courtesy- Fox)

Magicians Siegfried and Roy attacked by white tiger

In 1993, one of the Simpson’s episode featured a magician’s show which was similar to the Siegfried and Roy kind. That episode showed magicians being attacked by one of the white tigers. The predictions came true in 2003 where Siegfried and Roy were attacked by one of the white tigers, he came out alive.

(Photo courtesy- Fox)

The smart watch concept

We all thought that Apple was the first company to come up with the concept of smartwatches, well, here’s where you are wrong! The Simpsons were using smartwatches way back in 1995.

(Photo courtesy- Fox)

Higgs Boson equation

In a 1998 episode, “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace,” Homer writes out an equation on a chalkboard which, if solved, “would get [one] the mass of a Higgs boson that’s only a bit larger than the nano-mass of a Higgs boson actually is,” says Simon Singh, science author.


The guy in the top photo looks like Brad Pitt.

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He watched that episode and dressed like the toon. Pretty obvious.

Trump watched the episode where he became president and probably thought that was a good idea.

Penny from inspector Gadget beat the Simpsons with her smart watch.

I hope not…


You wlll notice they never mentioned Burn Loot Murder BLM or the pimple face punks of Antifa. That tells you the total lack of intelligence of that show, as well as this thread.

So tell me TruthDodger, who has destroyed the most of this country in the last few months, Trump people or the gibsmedat goons?

Another one headed to the ignore list


No they did not.

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that allready applied because the earth had make a barriere above the earth xDDDD

I wonder if the episode that dealt with the Rapture comes true, and the nuclear holocaust episode too.

Sooner or later I expect both will come true. Not sure when about a rapture if there is one at all but much scripture alludes to it. The nuclear exchange can be seen as a big possible if you read Revelation, You see ocean dying, 1/3 of all people die in one act, fire reigns from the heavens, darkness for several days, smoke choking people, sores covering the peoples bodies etc. . All the makings of a nuclear blast.

Re: your avatar, MUCH better! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure that was American Dad

Simpsons, not Nostradamus, how to believe they foretell this? Its called they control everything, including Tv and brainwashed shows like simpsons, and secret societies love to throw things in our face. Everything is controlled by them, until we stand up which will be never, we all will die soon…and not from covid. Covid is a cover up behind what is really taking place now, you will see all what they do to us.

Retarded name, and simpsons…do you need glasses?

A lot of these make sense actually. The Sigfried & Roy could easily be predicted. Most people who train or keep tigers captive get bitten or attacked by the Tigers… they are tigers no mater how well they are trained. Example Tiger King, Joe exotic was attacked so were some of his employees.

The smart watch has been in the imagination of people for as long as I’ve been alive. James Bond & spy movies introduced many similar “smart watches” you could talk into, receive information on. This has been “predicted” by many outlets.

The Higgs equation already existed. It’s not like the simpsons made it up. It’s just the irony the Homer would ever conceive such an equation. If the creator enjoys science than this makes sense. He could of chose any equation it wouldn’t of mattered people would say o that’s a real equation therefore it must be a prediction and it’s not a prediction because it already existed.

Trump running for president is close but Trump has said he’s been thinking about running for president since the late 90’s. He originally did it to fund raise money. You say you’re going to run then raise some money & drop out. Predicting he’d actually become president is surprising. Obviously the simpsons but it in the show as a joke. Like how could he ever really be our president and again he was floating the idea since the late 90’s. So I can see why they did it as a joke & it just happened to come true. Still not a prediction just dumb luck.

The riots were EASILY predicted. The show aired on November 2020 so they had plenty of time to get the sense that this would happened. Honestly everyone knew this was a possibility except Washington DC police apparently including the FBI who released a statement saying they made a report months ago expecting quote “war” at the capital.