Different types of questions for the Flat Earthers

I haven’t noticed these types of questions asked before so I figure I’ll give it a go.

Every discussion is about tests and observations done on the surface of the earth, be it flat or spherical. I have some questions that came to mind that are a bit different.

If the earth is flat:

Why is the earth in a different situation from what is observed through a telescope of other bodies?

What is “under” the earth? Kind of the same question… What is holding the earth up and what is under that/it?

If it is true that people are in-the-know that the earth is flat:

Why keep such a secret? Just put the truth out there. It doesn’t affect anything since we have religion anyway.

Why waste your life and resources on studying and exploring a false ideology when you could actually get answers from finding out what is really going on? Hell, if I was a scientist that knew that the world was actually flat, I would spend my time researching the edges and what is under us. Why keep researching a lie for absolutely nothing?

These are just some of the things that popped into my mind while sitting in my car listening to music…


Oh gawwwwdddd, let it die already!

If the earth is round like a bowling ball, where are the three little holes for God’s fingers…? Bet you never thought of that! Globetards.



Lol u fkin rascal :rofl::rofl:

Lol, hey! This is an old school question for here! Better than all the political crap! What better do you have to talk about anyway? Aliens? Demons? Ghosts? Bring it for a change! I have witnessed a few things in my life.

Sorry… I think you’re close but not totally correct… The Earth is egg shaped and almost ready to hatch… :grinning: It has a yellow, creamy center… When it matures enough, the giant snake creature will spring forth and attack the Universe…


Now if you look into Asian myths, you might have something there…

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I’m simply trying to get a a rounded view of what the whole flat earth thing is about. It’s a phenomenon in itself. Ok… Let the flatsters join.

My globe used to be perfectly round until I dropped it a few times… Now, it is more oval shaped and has a few dents in it… :grinning:

Question for the globalist. Can you show a photo of earth that isn’t CGI? I’ll save you some time, no you can’t :joy: globalists are the biggest dummies

There is a bigger earth than what your eyes show you and everything within son moon all other planetary you could see…there’s no such thing as universe aliens is here on earth


Can you show a flat photo that isn’t cgi? You can’t even share a selfie that isn’t a computer generated image, that’s just how sharing pics or even taking them works. Pretty weak argument really lol


Earth = round.

Seriously, I think bigfoot,aliens,or ghosts could be more REAL than the flat earth theory.

FLAT EARTH was a argument started to look for “attention” ,cause controversy,and to generate “intrest” imo.


@Sarge here’s a game if you fancy playing it. I’ll give you 5 hours to search any website and find an actual real photo of the earth from space thats not been doctored with cgi or an artist’s impression.

It shouldn’t be too hard there should be plenty.

3,2,1, GO :crazy_face:

Question for the flearthers, explain the different constellations in the northern and southern hemispheres… I’ll save you some time, no you can’t :joy: flearthers are the biggest dummies

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The best part about it all is the flat earth map is actually the Azimuthal map which is a globe map flattened onto a 2d surface :joy:

It’s why the distortions in the southern hemisphere appears so drastically, but don’t let none of this get in the way of a good conspiracy :grinning:

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They just make arguments to try to win a verbal debate that is on the same lines as having a pissing contest.

Truth is irrelevant to them.



Its simple, put a camera on nightime long exposure and point it straight up at night
leave it until the morning use a plum bob or spirit level to achieve perfect vertical alignment
observe the photo for yourselves then work out which star
it always revolves around in a fully observable circular pattern every single time?

Youll have your answer right there every time. :+1:

The camera doesnt lie, neither does the position of polaris i think is the star.


Until I can fly 100k miles from Earth and then turn around and look at it with my own eyes, it’s questionable.

Nobody has receipts. Bring me receipts.

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