Digital identity, big pharma, big tech

The ungodly alliance, take note of the “artwork” on the wall in this photo.

Thats from the first article below.

Wearable devices. Smart phones on your body.

Where is it really all headed, and why, just convenience for our benefit?
Oh yeah…
The last article. Consumer wearables.

Apps and services such as Noom and are supporting the collection and interpretation of biometric data, in order to deliver long-term behavioural change for individuals who are harnessing the power of wearables. The future, therefore, looks bright for health care biometrics, with continuous innovation set to improve the range of devices, features and services; the accuracy of captured data; and, importantly, the health and wellbeing of wearables consumers around the world.


Good post. Not really a fan of Now the End Begins though. They are King James purists and pre-tribulational cultists. They have some of the worst prophetic exegesis.

Me either just read the articles sometimes there pre trib too which is weird.

I wonder if you try to cut the microchip out if it will release some kind of poison.

Hey, the poison is the vaccine.

With family and friends taking the vaccine, after offering them solid arguments against it, its really testing my spirit. Have no joy in anything anymore, kind of sitting and waiting for mark of the beast, tribulations, fema camp round ups, boils on the hands of those who take the mark, many souls that will be trapped in hell.

I guess I’m in luck I will not be participating. I see concentration camp in my future.

There going to behead us.
Thata what all the teenage and child mind controls all about raising monsters.
The bible doesnt actually state it will be implanted it just calls it a mark and it discerns 3 things too the name the number or image to buy or sell it doesnt say “and” name number image so could be one of either maybe?
Just thinking.

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