Disclose TV Tribute

Made these videos years ago for the first and second iterations of DTV, thinking on making a new one for the current version with my superior skills lol enjoy


Nice @otomon, here is our official one:


@Disclose.tv Woah nice! Never seen it before but its awesome :+1: The song reminds me alot of the overworld theme for Final Fantasy VII, not sure if intentional. That game is about a group of people traveling the world and discovering the truth about what is destroying the planet:


TonytheTiger Like tony would say your


Very nice. Great job

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nice one … :beers:

I enjoyed them all… Great job Lukas and Otomon… :+1:


Beyond duality…beyond duality

Same thought as mklp316
I enjoyed all 3.
Thank you DTV.
Together, we’re yanking that cat outa the bag!

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Nice stuff mate, talented work.

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Let me compliment your staff on the quality of the content you provide each and every day to us all. Your work is tedious and requires minds with much forethought. Only someone extremely dedicated could pull together AND maintain such a wonderful site as this. I have watched afar over the years and sat silently as you have matured into a first class venue for all of us crazies to read and contribute to. Many thanks you are due. Perhaps others can share how much they enjoy the site as much I. So let me share my deepest appreciation and gratitude to you all. I deeply thank you for all you do.

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well well oto, its been to long. I myself am just returning from a perma ban that i might of got to drunk other night… im walking on egg shells from here on out.

To say there wont be any funny business from me sadly.

To update you there was another otto that came after you. I turned him into a spectical for and in your honor he become otto2. Raised through the ranks and became a mod, banned everyone inc me. Got every mod fired it was just lukas and his brother so we bought back slith.
otto2 now is answering for his crimes and we are slowly talking.

Not many are left to remember us otto1. Canubis is the master of DTV records and surly you will never be forgotten aslong as im still around.

Remember when i started a poll Canubis vs otto punches and kicks… good times i got a ban for that…

So without further ADU you didnt think you could escape the past?


Immortal Oto


represent… CANUBIS…

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@Canubis LMFAO!!! Had no idea my impostor was responsible for getting the mods fired… now thats karma! It was the mods who unjustly made me leave the site, thanks for telling me that mate :+1: :+1: :laughing: :laughing:

And lol those are some classic vids… cant beleive I embarrased myself infront of everyone to prove to seriouscitizen that I loved her, but oh well we all do crazy shit when we are young.

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Good videos. Looking forward to the next installment.

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