Disney is hosting a "Pride Celebration Spectacular" for your kids

Disney is holding a “Pride Celebration Spectacular” for your kids, complete with Kermit the Frog and the drag queen who’s appeared on Nickelodeon lately.

Please cancel your Disney+ accounts.


And the indoctrination continues.


What’s next?

Mickey Mouse: Come on kids, let’s shove things up our ass today and learn to enjoy it because we all here pedo world have erections and dreams of sliding down a rainbow RIGHT INTO YOUR ASS. Now come on gang let’s read the Jungle Book naked and watch the sperm fly."

Disney imo is pedo central.

Even Minnie Mouse is twerking in 3d Pixar with that little mousey ass shake shake shake, like a “breed me” jungle mating call to fresh hip hop beats. Everything is seriously ruined for Disney in my eyes. The day I seen that shit, I was like, OKAY TIME TO GO BYE BYE FOREVER. FOH w/ that SHIT. (not for my kids)


Goofy says,“Yalp,helk helk,it’s all about blowing your rocks kiddos.Now bend over kiddo and let’s sing IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL…” all together now…

Seriously, I am repulsed to see any characters from there anymore…Everything screams PEDO PEDO PEDO

Notice some of these movie theme too, “Run away in love” themes which are subliminal to children (almost like a subliminal story voice telling them “it’s okay” and green lighting runaways) it seeds the idea as an “option” and manipulates to that “runaway and a great adventure will begin and you will be happier.”

Disney is sick AF.

HATE these people.

Instead of the Mickey mouse clubhouse …

Now it’s the “ME ME ME clubhouse.” w/ Kermit the gay frog and the anal gang.

Time to start doing background checks on everyone, checking for bulges in pants and for clits, time to weed out the fakes, I thought “pride” meant doing a good job and what was right, seems that definition has reversed, You take pride in who you are not what you want to be, This world has become more of a virus than this fake ass Covid shit. How do we wake up these other people that have been so brainwashed to take action and stop this dark mortality upon mankind, when you start to attack children thats where I draw the line, remember every chick that worked for Disney turned out to become a slut, the picture is drawing itself, time to wake up people.

Didn’t Walt have connections or even work for the Cock In Ass back in his Day…?

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