Divide and Conquer; Everything

Divide and Conquer

This isn’t huge but to me it is an indication of the Divide and Conquer mentality thats slowly permeating those who aren’t aware. More specifically the impressionable children who flock to the latest major video games.

With the latest update to my Call of Duty video game, I am asked to choose between two teams to align myself. Complete with the warning “faction cannot be changed once you’ve made your choice.”

Completely nondescript teams that are differentiated by the colors Red and Blue. It seems strange that in the current climate this would happen when this game has never been designed around two distinct teams fighting each other. It’s normally a game of you vs everyone, or otherwise a computer generated match-up of random people.

This seems to be a common tactic through mediums such as video games, social media, newspapers, and mainstream media lately.
Just thought I’d add it to the list.

Call of Duty has really gone to hell. This is so boring and bland.

I’d have to disagree that gaming actually causes divide. Competitive games like these kind of live off competition. If anything these bland “factions” seem to avoid possible offence someone would take for example terrorist faction.

Normally I would agree with gaming not causing a divide…just not in this game because once you’ve picked your side nothing happens and the game goes on like normal with no notation or indication of the “side” you chose.

I see where you’re coming from. Normally run’n gun shooters tend to have no difference between sides another example is halo, just one colour vs another colour. But to lock someone in on a “faction” with no difference to the other, bad design and/or pushing of tribalism.

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Well said.
I use it as a stress reliever at the end of the day.
Still does that for sure.

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