Do we have a colony on Mars?

If I showed you these two pictures and said there’s men on Mars servicing the curiosity rover you would tell me to get my head tested

Can someone then tell me how a robot can then take a picture of its self without even as much as a selfie stick?

Maybe this might change your mind

Answer to your question this isn’t on mars its here on Earth :wink:


you mean technology or AI is using humans as a selfiestick slave ?

your really have to think twice about your smartphones

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Technician in Arizona.

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Also, how do they clean themselves??



Actually it is in Greenland. They were busted long ago.


there has to be a grease monkey around somewhere, too much dust. also if the sand storms on mars are so severe wheres the weathering??? … :beers:


Not sand storms, dust storms. It’s more like flour, there isn’t enough atmosphere to push sand.

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The first pic looks like a penis with legs, the second like Bart Simpson. Those aliens sure are strange.

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And that right there DTV should tell you a lot about Danny’s mental health…lol.

It’s the rover itself…,it was on TV last year

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Massive wind storm put sand everywhere like that…last part of storm cleared dust off…it’s just powder

Not that clean, i dont think it so, but wtf do i know lol

what does that have to do with danny?
i don’t see the connection.

Is that first pic you? Albert_Einstoned

Too easy? Zzzzz

Nah… Your response tells us more about you.

Danny’s here??:smiley:

Nobody pulled your chain puppet. NASA made many mars videos and practices in Greenland and if your head was not so far up your butt that your eyes are burning with stomach acid you would know that… Just another dmonix einstone constituionanalist is what you are and it shows early in your career.