Do we need moderators to help admin?

We should have a fun poll,

Yes or no reply is all that is required.

Just a experiment for my wee bitty brain :grinning:

Dammit, i meant to say, do we NEED


Sorry for any confusion

My Bad

The full world is moderated and to do any more here would defeat much of the sites usefulness. Ban trolls, spooks and aholes as they appear. There would then be no need of moderators… just my thoughts…

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Ahhhh, but some turn into these ban-able people , do they not?

Cant just do it as they appear,

I for one, am one of the biggest A-holes i have ever met.

But its all relative to the subject being discussed. :grinning:

Oh ya, so your vote was a no

Mine is a yes

Anyone care to break the tie? Lol

Fixed. No help required :smile:

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Lol, you da Boss


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Thanks for becoming a Patron by the way :+1:

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Most Welcome, been around , poking me nose in here and there over a few years, finally decided to give myself a name and join.

Great place, Great people

TONS of information, for and against.

My brain hurts from the constraints of my skull as it continues to grow here.

Kudos to All

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I Luv this, & It’s really easy.
just a cup’ of clicks, & a copy-n-paste,…
Then u just forget about it…

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Man, now i gotta do stuff??

Geeeze Louise…always sumpin …lol😂

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