Do You Prefer Natural Medicine? Too Bad, FDA Says Your Dandelion Extract And Hundreds More Are About To Be Illegal!

Understood and agree. I’m under no illusion that this site reaches the masses of the regular day to day sheeple. I just refuse to throw my hands in the air and accept that there’s nothing we can do.

I completely agree that we’re unlikely to see change until people have nothing left to lose. However, always hope that there’ll gradually be an understanding by the masses that there is indeed a problem.

These comments aren’t directed towards you. Simply generalizing my thoughts.

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If I recall properly, glutathione is sulphur and selenium plus charcoal- old volcanic ash. I crave the taste of it. So now I go get a sulphur block and also a selenium one with trace minerals for my animals and give a few licks to each before the critters get it. Fills the need for me.


Don’t the FDA work for us? If so why don’t we tell them what we want and need to be legal.


If Facebook have banned it
YouTube have censored it
The BBC have called it misinformation
And the fact checkers have fact checked it

Then it’s probably the truth


On a similar note, more removing freedom of speech.


Really interesting.

I see Jake and Nicole or Simple Living Alaska(YouTube channels)always foraging for them.

People like myself who take anti-seizure medicine can’t have them because they do such a good job cleaning your liver out that they clean out the medicines inside of you as well.

Yeah, according to the hearing, it’s only when you compound it.

Hemp has always been that way. You can grow it or make bags and clothes from it but if you make any of the proven skin cancer salve/cream…You’re going to jail!

When I mentioned my grandma that just passed the other day, she grew up a couple houses down from a man named Rick Simpson in Spring Hill Nova Scotia. He got in some serious trouble from curing people of their cancer with his homemade hemp compounds so he’s now a poor old man on the run. I seriously thought he was the nicest man I’d ever met.

It was big enough news around us that they made a documentary about him. Seriously interesting story when you see what he’s done and now is the criminal for saving people.


That bad boy rakes in $24/year

All alphabet organizations should in theory work for you but the common theme now is that you work for them.

Of Course …

Sadly All The Commmerical Farmers

Still Believe It a Necessity


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Brainwashing supported by greed at its finest.

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You have to replace one with the other & know the amount is where natural medicines gets tricky but I am still for it vs big pharma alternatives.

My sister in law specializes in Chinese medicine and my cousin is a Dr of Naturopathy. An ever threatened line of work it seems but none the less.

If they cant make a synthetic version to copyright and sell to people, then they make it illegal.

Exactly what happened with weed.

They’ve been trying to make their own version since The League of Nations added it to the same list as opium in 1925

This ladies and gentlemen, is what they’ve come up with so far.

I give you ‘Spice.’ (Caution, Graphic)

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I will say though, the incentive is there when it comes to how easy it is to grow stuff with things like miracle grow. The stuff grows itself.

When I switched years back I realized how much more work it takes and how many more blemishes there is when it comes to organic.

In the words of Joni Mitchell…

“Hey farmer, farmer put away that DDT now
Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees

Amen Brotha :honeybee: :beetle: :snail:


Who really cares what this government says.
They don’t follow their law.
They don’t pice their own courts
The Supreme Court Justice sitting in a chair with Gislane.
Hillary killing everybody
Generals disobeying Trump
Trump following orders from the Vatican

Make your own food mane your own meds
Hide your books from book burnings if you have good books.

Obey God rather than men