Do you remember what covid was used to cover up?

A reminder for all especially those who may remember my past posts.

Many articles I shared were about the sad state of paedophilia among the corrupt rich and famous.
A quick recap on the information I shared, known paedophile Jimmy saville was a regular visitor to Buckingham Palace and had a close friendship with Prince Andrew. Not only did the BBC know about his antics, they turned a blind eye and helped cover it up. Jimmy Saville and Prince Charles both had a close friendship with ex Bishop and known paedophile Peter Ball, politician Ted Heath visited schools with Jimmy Saville and even Charles uncle lord mountbatten is said to be a known gay paedophile. It is not the first or second time royals have been connected to paedophilia,

Lord steele resigned from Westminster January last year (just before the first lock down) and Andrews dealings with epstein were just starting to be revealed who was another one that prayed upon young school girls. This has been ripe in authorities with people all over the world connected to it,

Does the fact that this so called pandemic dominating the news so heavily just as these crimes were being made public and quickly hushed away not strike those of you that trust these people and the mainstream media that its not just a little bit coincidental? We know such a thing as global paedophile rings exist,

And we also know that not is all the above horrifically true, it has been happening for many many years,

And we are supposed to trust what they want us to see in the news whilst they are allowed to commit the worst crimes against humanity and then use their money, power and status to hide behind while they continue to carry on doing the same things over and over again?
Even when epstein was caught the first time round, not only did he use his influence to escape a harsh sentence so he could get out and carry on, he was even being allowed to do things straight from his jail cell and even allowed out as well. Why? Because all these rich people are all in it together.

Do you trust people with your lives that can commit such horrid acts against people’s children? These same corrupt people run pharmaceutical companies, big chain corporations and much more. Do they have our interests at heart or their own? Year after year, decade after decade the same rich people keep making themselves better off and the public worse off and yet still they are allowed to keep doing it year after year while we all sit back and allow it.

Would you really take advice from people who are a danger to our children? How can we teach them to be part of a society which is wrong and built on lies and criminality.



Wow… Thank you for adding dude… Awesome links.


Do you remember what covid was used to cover up?

prince andrew was my first guess


its bigger you can imagine… satanic cult ring of horror …


not to mention things were getting a bit hot for billy boy with those pesky NY times investigations and such…


Hey dude… Thanks for the input… I do know its much bigger than this… Been down the rabbit hole very far… This is just to show people the ones that are having a direct impact on us that’s all. I am not familiar with you I don’t think dude but I used to have an account on here before sharing a lot more than just this. I just felt with the media seeming to start falling apart, it was worth reminding people but it’s more for those that are starting to question what is being told to them.

All my life I’ve been in to as much as I could find out about the templars, romans, masons… There are things I can never unlearn…


So why has the huge investigations stopped? Has anyone else besides the evil woman been arrested ? Not to my knowledge, it just dropped out of main stream media as the race war splattered the news and the war on black against white continues they want us to keep the focus on race ,so it’s only blacks who are being shot dead by police?!! No white ,Spanish or other races ?! Bullcrap all races are being killed on a daily basis and not just by police!!! Where’s that breaking news?? Just black fokes ,so all other RACES keep breaking the law and fear not you will not be shot dead by police officers,bullcrap!!


Don’t even get me started on the BORDER crisis ,does anyone else see that it’s mostly little children being sent over here alone? Hmmm where and what will become of them all ,let me guess ,they can all go live on a island where it is the new orphanage, holy ships that sail into
The deep blue yonder, do u see what I see ???


It goes a level deeper than that, the plandemic is being used to cover up mind control abuse.


What an absolute weirdo that guy is.


Do you think it might be possible that after Epstein was caught he started working with law enforcement to collect and turn over evidence to the feds?
I could see this going to either blackmail the wealthy or politicians or even going towards the bringing down of the deep state?
Very possible I have no idea what I’m talking about :thinking::smirk::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


i know … we are meat for us

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Add to that…
A million people marching in HongKong against CCP
Chinese discontent with CCP
Yellow vest storming France.
Brexiteers demonstrating
Trump approval Jobs n Economy off the charts
War being ended
People tasting freedom worldwide
All protests were for freedom and government transparency…
They got everyone to get back in their hovel and grovel for anything normal.
NWO couldn’t let all that continue against the plan that Hillary was to continue against the world.