Doctors are getting nervous

A member of the fda vaccine advisory committee expresses concerns:

I see doctors becoming even more nervous, like long tail cats in a room full of rocking chairs, in the very near future.
Side note: My wife was speaking to a nurse at a large hospital in Phoenix recently and the nurse said she’s been having serious stomach issues since her jab and that numerous people she works with (and patients coming in) are having similar issues. Her husband, whom I believe is also in the medical field, believes this is all linked to the jab.


While i was in the Freeman hospital in Newcastle UK which is one of the heart transplant hospitals. I had 2 doctors both transplant surgeons tell me NOT to get a jab or be bullied into one. The doctor who did ny echocardiogram on the Friday was telling me they are seeing a big rise in people coming in with heart failure type symptoms and heart attack which is mostly in younger people. And believes it is all due to lockdowns and the jabs. So some in the medical profession are aware of what is going on. What we need is more to come forward and go public with this information. Sadly many fear loosing there job and medical licences.


Then again…a friend of mine’s parent (early 80’s) had just finished Chemo therapy, had part of their lung removed last year, had issues with strokes, diabetes, and had other cardiovascular issues…got the jab…and so far is still alive…

So…if there are issues then it has to be genetic related and/or blood type issues…if anything mysteriously happens in the next few months will let you know…but there is at least one case where someone who had all sorts of health conditions got the vaccine and hasn’t had any issues.


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