DoD firefight in Frankfurt

Things are starting to read like a Tom Clancy novel on steroids! If even smidge of this is true, you have to believe that SHTF is throwing “a shot across the bow”. Hope these links will open for all.

Pretty sure the truth is the only unbiased source anymore!

Media Bias Fact Check rates DC Clothesline as right wing and of low reliability. After checking out Media Bias Fact Check founder Dave Van Zandt, I found him to be your standard flaming libby masquerading as an unbiased individual. He claims to run an unbiased organization. I believe his outfit to be left oriented and extremely biased! He is not hard to research.

Still new to this…hope it works!


You did good, Mr. Airborne… Both of you’re links worked fine for me…

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Believe me I like this comment! Open Sesame!

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@Airborne , There are many sources detailing this story about the firefight between US Military Special Forces against CIA contracted private special operations personnel being flown in from Afghanistan to protect the CIA from this incursion to secure the Dominion server. There is lots of support for this story. This is not an exclusive of DC Clothesline REPORTING.

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