DoD Works On Propulsion Technology That Wraps A Vehicle In Energy-Induced Plasma

New technology could unlock unprecedented speeds in hypersonic vehicles.

Modern warfare isn’t what it used to be a few hundred years ago. Gone are the wooden ships and trebuchets, which have been replaced by the likes or directed energy systems and hypersonic weapons. Over the last decade, these two ideas have been the main focus of the The Department of Defence and its major contractors. In fact, these two areas of technology have been mashed together in laboratories with the potential to enable unprecedented levels of speed for aerial weapons. If successful, it could change warfare forever and lead to a new era in speed and aerodynamic control of aircraft.

The Emerging Hypersonic Landscape

As military superpowers all over the world battle for the pole position in a modern arms race, hypersonic technologies have been pushed to the forefront of defence and aerospace research. These advanced technologies offer a massive leap in capability that could see aircraft going several times the speed of sound. It’s no wonder these are fast becoming an integral part of military forces all over the world.

The need for such hypersonic weapons has evolved alongside the rapidly evolving missile defence systems. As integrated sensor networks and missile defenses continue to become more sophisticated and adept, developing weapon delivery systems capable of evading or bypassing defenses with extreme speed has become paramount to ensuring global battlefield dominance and conventional deterrence. To that end, and to keep up with foreign advances, the USAF and other branches of the DoD have been investing vast sums of money into hypersonic research and development in recent years.

Speeds up to Mach 20

While it may sound like nothing more than a theory, the R&D stages have already led to several prototype systems approaching operational status. The USAF and Lockheed Martin are working on the AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW). This is a boost-glide hypersonic system that is claimed to be able to achieve speeds up to Mach 20. The ARRW has been tested during flights on a B-52 Stratofortress and is expected to be operational as soon as 2022. That’s not all though, the Army and Navy, in conjunction with the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), have also tested their own hypersonic delivery system - Common Hypersonic Glide Body vehicle, or C-HGB, for short.

The main idea behind making this a reality is using lasers to effectively “blast” the air in front of the vehicle. This would help reduce drag and any other air resistances, making a path for the aircraft to fly without any gaseous obstacles.


While the designs aren’t too far off becoming operational, there are still a lot of kinks that need to be worked out. Drag, and the resulting thermal stresses of extremely high-speed flight, are two of the main difficulties that designers have when making these vehicles. Even with advanced geometry, extreme levels of heat are generated by friction on the skin of high-speed craft, which can potentially degrade the structural integrity of the airframe and damage internal components. In the worst case scenario, this would bring the aircraft down completely which could be catastrophic if it was a manned vehicle.

One of the main ways of mitigating the heat buildup is to add a shielding element to the external surfaces of an airframe. However, this can increase a craft’s weight and could potentially decrease its range, manoeuvrability, as well as top speed, which defeats the object of the vehicle altogether.

Despite a few prototypes being close to operational status, there is clearly a lot that still needs to be researched, built, and then vigorously tested, before anything can be used in a real-world situation. If successfully developed, is would change the way of warfare forever.


Would these just be unmanned drones? Certainly humans couldn’t handle the G’s this would exert.

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Do you have link? Would love to see little deeper.

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lol I heard they were called hydrosonic or superduper…
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After “die Glocke” ,the new " hot potatoe"

The universe is electric in nature. Therefore electromagnetic zero-point-energy technology is possible. The force of electromagnetism is 10^39 stronger than the force of Earth’s Gravity, making “anti-gravity” technology trivial and easy to design. This principle can be easily demonstrated with electromagnets. The Great War exposed this technology for the first time, but built it into the planes in such a way that their own pilots and engineers could not detect it. The planes became automated with all pilot decisions replaced by machines. Thus the Boeing Bombers could be piloted by a child of any age.

Using children was the only way the Allies could convince actual air-force pilots to get into the planes and send them hundreds of miles on deadly bombing raids, only to drop gel napalm or WP on children they never met. One well-known example of forcing children into suicide in order to stage a war is the so-called Kamikaze Pilot. We now know from recently recovered pilot letters that Child Kamikazes were unwilling employed to manufacture the Pearl Harbor event.

Armed with this automated unstoppable destructive combination, the Allies were able to win WW2 by brute force alone. Jumbo jet bombers were responsible for over 15 million deaths during the 20th century as they dropped napalm and other incendiary bombs over 3 thousand human cities towns and villages. Had the Allies attempted to fight WW2 honorably, we would not have used children and we wouldn’t have used napalm (or Willy Pete…). The Allies would have tried to convince our own adult pilots of the necessity of committing genocide against an enemy population oversees. Those pilots would be well aware of the technology by the end of the war, and would have wanted to use ZPE (and other technology) to build a peaceful new world. We might have been flying our own ZPE Porsche HLS’s today. Instead of that future, we were benefacted this coal-powered, earth-bound, global technocracy. This is what world domination looks like: Airports!
(Fun Fact: The history of allied bombing raids using child pilots became the inspiration behind the book Ender’s Game, where essentially an entire war is fought using children and technology.)

Q: World domination via Airports? HuH?

The Allies gave their enemies a simple choice between complete surrender and complete destruction. As a result, Germany, Japan, Italy, North Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and Libya were completely destroyed by our bombers. Any country that surrendered (allowing in the central bank) didn’t receive a bombing campaign, and instead got airports and industrialization as a reward. This is why we keep running live bombing simulations upon countries we have poor relations with. It’s an effective threat.

Q: What machines use this flying technology?

Small helicopters, stunt planes and RC model toy planes do not need ZPE technology to fly, but all Boeing Bombers (i.e. B17, B24, B29…) absolutely did since they needed to carry a major payload (unlimited weight) in bombs. All passenger jets use ZPE electro-gravitic thrusters to both reduce the effect of gravity upon the plane as well as stabilize the flight itself. It is for this reason that a Jumbo Jet can fly with a wing of engines disabled without rotating towards the dragging wing (and immediately dropping out of the sky). ZPE / ElectroGravitic technology has both a vertical thrusting effect and a horizontal stabilizing effect on a craft. It’s a flawless technology that provides any craft with the ability to sustain normal flight in the event of a catastrophic multi engine failure (Anyone get that reference?).

Q: Sooooo… why did that Boeing Crash then?

If planes cannot ever crash, if they have a secret technology that keeps them from ever crashing, then what about all the plane crashes in the news? There is only one Ex-Plane-Ation left if you rule out mechanical or pilot failure. The plane crashes are simulated. Here’s how:

First, your target plane Flight123 is chosen for a scheduled crash. The plane takes off and a crash is scheduled for right after takeoff, or somewhere within the trip. When the moment of the crash comes, Flight123 goes dark. It loses communication with all controllers and the pilots lose control of the craft. It becomes fully automated. At this exact same moment, Flight123b goes live. What is Flight123b? It is an identical aircraft, completely empty of passengers and pilots, flying nearby (within 10-50 miles). Get it?

Now, Flight123b does not communicate with the controllers. Instead, it is immediately shot out of the sky, or has a scheduled mechanical failure. It crashes. There are videos. Finally Boeing employees arrive to bulldoze the crash site and erase all evidence, crushing victims bones. Right? Wrong. Flight123, the REAL flight, with the actual passengers and pilots has landed safely in a remote location, an airport you and I have never heard of. Classified. Now, we all know how this story Ends. Boeing convinces all families to settle for $X,XXX,XXX. But what is the real reason these families are historically okay with taking money for the lives of their loved ones?

Because they didn’t.

The family members are released to their families when, and only when , they have all signed their right to discuss the crash away for the rest of their lives. Cooperative or not, the families have absolutely no way to fight back against a lawless international conglomerate. I would imagine the most uncooperative families are made aware that only by their own actions would they actually have lost someone in the crash. Would you trade your son, daughter, wife, husband’s life for the truth? Yes. Yes you would.

Q: Okay so, how does one keep such an obvious secret this whole time?

Lots of ways. Here’s some:

    1. You can not get an aviators license without direct approval by the FAA, which requires a written and oral test proving that you ‘understand’ (believe in) aerodynamics heavier-than-air flight. This separation from the public results in people having a church-like faith in airplanes or complete fear in them.
    1. Everyone knows that NASA has always been corrupt and inaccessible to women and minorities; a pseudoscience boys club run like a giga-church, but most people don’t know NASA was created entirely in-house by Lockheed Martin and Boeing. This martial-religious centralization is designed to keep outsiders (us) from getting too close to the industry secrets.
    1. Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) insists only jets are capable of propulsion needed for space travel, even though ion (EM) thrusters have been used in space probes since 1964.
    1. Jumbo Jets have not improved in design in over 70 YEARS . The identical design shared by all plane manufacturers is a result of their development always being in secret. Example: AirBus.
    1. Jumbo jet terrorism justified further locking airports and flying technology.
    1. Suppressing of technology at the government and media level is the explanation for all UFO sightings. Sorry, bug-like aliens was a psyop to hide suppressed technology.
    1. Science Fiction movies (like The Incredibles ) constantly put in references to real suppressed technology to associate that technology with science fiction.
    1. Suppressing of technology explains the ChemTrails phenomenon as no human pilots would be required to pull it off world-wide. Fully automated unmanned craft are responsible for all ChemTrails .
    1. Any country that doesn’t go along with ‘the plan’ gets bombed instead of airports. Napalm, specifically. Sometimes Willie Pete. I’m not sure which is scarier.

By Endless War . The 20th Century was our darkest century and we were all born in it’s shadow. That same darkness and fear is felt today, preventing us from finding our way.



Going fast doesn’t exert G’s, only rapidly accelerating / deccelerating / changing directions do, so a human could endure mach 20 just fine as long as it didn’t involve rapid acceleration or decelleration or making too sharp of a turn at that speed.


Wow. I’ve gone 40 years not knowing that. Thanks @nanook. So they could go fast but only if you start slower, stop slower and for heaven sake Do Not hit the steering wheel anyone. I guess that makes sense, people on the ISS are traveling along at 70,000kms per hr or something ridiculous like that.



Although, at those speeds, even a small deviation from a true forward vector, would be very bad for the people and the aircraft.

Turns would have to be extremely gradual, certainly no banking as such or as we’d visualise it…at M20, an airframe would probably require the length of an average country to turn safely!

Thats mind boggling to think of.
Thanks @Spikey.

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No worries MrNice. :+1:

I s’pose it would be like travelling down a motorway in your car at 130mph (which…ahem…we’d never do) and suddenly turning your steering wheel to the right as fast and as far as you could…but worse!

Although i reckon whatever poor sods were the target of those new HS weapons would be even worse off than that…they’d probably not even need to install a weapon payload like explosives and so on to the craft, as the kinetic energy of something going that fast, would be like a small asteroid hitting the Earth, the craft itself would create such an impact shock wave, i’d imagine it would be like the energy equivalent of a nuke without any radioactive material / fall out.


Only way of getting around the harmfull effests of “Gforce” is finding an alternative understanding of gravitational forces.

If gravity is actually an effect caused by the magnetic field of mass, then there is a possibillity that we could alter these field effects by use of plasmic lines of force like artificial birkland currents.

I’ll admit i had to just look up what Birkeland currents actually are…but from my 5 minute search it relates to the geomagnetic electric currents that tie in the magnetosphere to the ionosphere, essentially relating to plasma physics?

Perhaps then, if there’s a correlation as you suggest, between plasma physics and gravity, this new plasma ‘shield’ being designed around these HS weapons systems, is actually more than just an atmospheric shield (eliminating atmospheric friction) and could be relating to nullifying or perhaps reducing the effects of gravity and thus G-forces upon the craft…to call a spade a spade as it were…a rudimentary form of antigravity.

Spade!!! Either you did that on purpose! Or…The concousness is trying to show us something!

Spooky Read this a few days ago!


Perhaps the term Gravity should be replaced with Density. When Density is approached from a high understanding of light and sound, then gravity no longer exists. Encounters with paranormal orb entities that zip around all directions and speeds has convinced me that our present scientific understanding is incomplete. The spiritual and the scientific need to get married for us to evolve forward with our understanding of such things. Magnetic fields, ley lines… it mattered to philosophers of ancient times enough to inspire many maps into manifestation, which are all available for study. The significance of sacred sites on the planet, pyramids, domes, rock mounds, etc… some such sites debunk the laws of gravity all together. Take the mystery spot in Santa Cruz california, or the mystery house in Montana… magnetic mysteries. The gravity we know and swear by, doesn’t seem to exist in certain parts of the realm. This craft to me is just a reversed engineered sentient entity, and we give no credit to the original designer, we just wanna zip through the stars and make star wars manifest. We should ground out and learn how to cope with living in symbiotic harmony with the natural world we are born into. We still can’t agree on how human beings evolved to now.

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I also gather that a spiritual telepathic component is required for operating the “alien craft” that inspired these, so to zip around the magnetic lines around the realm, would require a MUTUAL CONNECTION to the “technology” or as I see it, entity. This craft being featured will never work like the ones operated by the “AI”, and no human has the power to insert sentient soul consciousness as pure energy into any technology, so ours will always be toys in comparison to what the great maker has going on up there. Mutual respect does a long way towards peace, then man wouldn’t need to build his death birds and bombs.

So well said bro. :sunglasses:

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Now you know why UFOS lightning up…

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Hydrosonic too hard, better super duper…hydrosonic :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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