Dog Star Sirius From Canis Major

Filmed By Me, North Manchester, England. February 2021, Using A Canon Powershot SX540HS No Filters Or Overlays. Edited Only By Slowing Down The Speed And Adding Transitions Between Clips. I Just Think This Is Really Cool. Not Something You See Every Day…

Sirius Coordinates… Altitude 19° Azimuth 184°
Thursday 11th February 21:45

Copyright Disclaimer. I Do Not Own Any Rights To The Audio. I Am Using It Under Section 107 Of The Copyright Act 1976 Under Fair Use Policy And In Adherence To YouTube Guidelines Standards Stated In Their Terms

Song - Serotonia
Artist - Highly Suspect
Album - The Boy Who Died Wolf


Amazing what it looks like, not the the image most 99% of people have in there head of a star. Thanks for sharing the vid…

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My pleasure

This makes me believe even more that what we are told about celestial mechanics and heavenly bodies is utter garbage scientific fraud this whole science.luciferian scam is worldwide and comprehensive.
Nothing but full on lies about anything and everything pffft so called scientific…

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