Dominion Software used in vote rigging - used in COVID-19 PCR SCAM test scheme

Same Dominion software that was used for the election fraud (That is being revealed- “Hammer and Scorecard”)

is being used for the fake numbers along with the fake PCR test(PCR test does not test for Covid 19 merely tests for RNA fragments of ANY dormant or dead coronavirus)

Here is the connection:

They are both (allegedly) committing massive computer fraud on the public.

And getting away with it.

Sounds like a match to me.


Love it! Thanks for post👍

The lesson we hopefully will come to in the future is that humanity should never entrust our most sacred and personal values into the network webs and data monsters created by the ego’s of man. Sure, this computer technology is in theory suppose to make our lives easier, but when ethics are not able to be programmed into automated computer programs and AI, what’s left? A mess… one we gotta all contribute to balance out. More trouble than it is worth. We barely know how to hold face to face conversations anymore without staring at a device…


Excellent catch!
Very interesting and disturbing at the same time.


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