Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for coronavirus

In other news, Diaper Donnie jr was tested for any presence of a brain during his Covid test…
No brain found…

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I wonder who actually cares besides you?! lol

You remind me of the jealous girl that cant stop talking about her ex she lost.

do you ever post anything positive?


Do you ??..

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Did you get a tingle up your leg? :wink:

That’s what that was… I was wondering… :smirk:

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I post positive stuff all the time, you just seem to troll 24/7

dont you aspire for anything better?!

what is your future following these satanic fools?! You got any idea?!

He is one of those. or a pitiful wannabee

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You actually believe that tRump is good and biden is bad…
I believe the 2 are the same, the only difference being, biden isn’t a blowhard attention ho…
Tired of seeing tRump’s orange clown makeup face, flagrantly lying to my face daily, while you eat it up without question…


For someone who put me on ignore, I sure seem to be living in your head rent free…


Ha!, perfect analogy! Yeah this person is hurting inside, no amount of venting seems to help, I’m not exactly a religious person but I’ll pray for him/her

It’s as if you 2 are 1 in the same…
It’s probably due to the fact you are…

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