Dont give up just yet


More hopeium

Have you watched fall of cabal if not think you need to its simular to this vid

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I think so

U can watch in parts or watch all 3hr at once it’s a rabbit hole that goes deep state and far back!

All of them are up on bitchute…

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Awesome thx Stix :grin:

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It’s happening folks!!!

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What’s happening? :thinking:


What part of what he said is already happening??

Said timeline ie. Pelosi’s laptop being seized by “special forces”, Trump operating Abilene Texas the last few days, military state response (national guard), the letter to pelosi and Pence acknowledging current involvement by the CCP in the United States. The nwo accelerating their plans through disinformation and staging to derail said timeline of events etc. it’s quite evident

Dumb as sh*t people still falling for the same old crap, it really is pathetic but also amusing to see gullible people constantly fooled over and over again.

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