Don't Think Democrats Are Evil?, Read This

This is about H.R 5383 brought to the floor in Feb. 2020. Its called “The Way Forward Act”

This bill was authored and brought forward by people such as AOC, Ihlan Omar and Drunk Nancy.


this is your future
deal with it

I have already dealt with Othelzer. I am ready for whatever they throw out. Let a criminal come for me no matter his religion, race or creed and he shall meet his Creator. I have lived a good life to this point and been blessed. As I approach the failing years I am very settled in going out quickly. Death over slavery any day.


give me liberty or give me a barret sniper rifle


Wonder how long before a certain group of people start defending this bill?

If you mean on here I would not be surprised if not immediately. 3 members…about 9 names.

When they see the word DEMOCRAT they will say “Yeah I am all for that” because my masters said I was. I guess they hope when its full blown dictatorship or socialism their life will be spared and they can finish out their lives working 16 hours a day in a mine in relative happiness.


Imagine a 9mm.

Now imagine if these foreign criminals try their stuff.

Imagine coming here thinking you can do what you want and push whoever around.

Now,Imagine blowing one of their heads off putting them in their place when they try coming around you or loved ones and pulling their stuff and ending their long journey to what was thought of as getting to an easy life in America and getting whatever you choose.


I agree with you 1000%. But friend to friend advice be careful what you write because the SJW tender people on here will flag us for offending their masters.


9mm bullets that cause 4 to 5 inch exit wounds. I imagine one shot to the face will put any animal down.

I think this was the plan all along. Open borders were part of a much larger scheme. Hillary was supposed to win in ‘16 and continue what obama started. I think the plan was (this is pure speculation) China was supposed to be the “manufacturing arm” on the planet. America would provide the food. The Middle East would provide the fuel and the ruling class would come from Europe with a selected few from various countries. My guess is they would rule from a centralized place probably in the UAE. This would create such a stranglehold on smaller countries, they would have to comply…people saw this coming and voted an outsider in as president…where it goes from here I have no idea…but most of us know the general direction it’s headed.

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How they got re-elected…
Well, we know.
There’s always plans in place to destroy America…

Good post by the way, Danny. :+1:

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Well not exactly any animal. Some have very thick skulls and thick baggy hides. I would never carry a 9mm anywhere there are big game such as grizzly, moose, elk , caribou. for example. If one thinks a 9mm is really powerful they should shoot a 44 mag, 454 casull or the 500 magnum. As for human perfomance a 9mm loses a lot of energy penetrating layers of thick clothing and is sub par performance for piercing things such as car doors.

My motto is carry as big as you can handle. Overkill is a good thing, underkill is bad news for the innocent party.


exactly danny, i second you on this, tyranny/slavery is not i my dictionary, meself being Irish i`m sure you understand. hint. the other island beside us!!! … :beers:

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Oh yes I totally understand. Its time for them to do something over there or change the name of the country.

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We are beginning to change our name slowly, you can now visit londistan .


No thanks. I prefer London and british folk how they always been. Shame now you look @ England and it radiates 3rd world lifestyles,cultures and basically everything. Goodbye Great England as it used to be. Let a lot move in there and ruin it. but whatever.

I think it was by design, a long term plan to destroy what we were.
No it wasn’t perfect but it was/is a beautiful country but a third world country is slowly becoming a reality, I have been to India and seen sights that now have striking similarities to areas in my country.
Some may say serves you right but as anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows we are just pawns in this game of life.
Who knows why the elite hate humanity so much.
I shan’t go on and feel self pity as I can see that all you peeps have your own problems to contend with.
Good vibes to good people.

They hate humanity because Satan hates humanity. They are luciferian and their emotions, hates, deeds and attitude reflect satan that they serve.

Do you know what Danny, I’m not a religious-ish person but the older I get the more I agree with you.
Evil is definitely walking on this earth.

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