Double slit experiment completely and utterly destroyed. light is NOT a particle or a wave OR BOTH

The eternal mystery of light solved by someone who knows what the hell he’s talking about.
einsteinian relativity is utterly wrong. he was a theorist, not a single invention came from him.
Exactly as Faraday, Tesla and Maxwell and other greats all said.


O my god , I don’t believe this

All seeing eye pyramid.

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I see that… Lol

So brilliant and he tries to explain an with the language that scientist use popular scientific language that only a cast few understand.

A beam of light coherent or not

What is called a photon the smallest unit

He is saying has a inline pressure gradient

And a sideways pressure.

Like a catipillar has legs pushing forward and

legs retracting to get another bite.

These legs he said pass thru the Æther as

they retract to get another bite thru the

scattered out of syncronizated forward pulse

(Dielectric field-ætherspace).

These catipillar segments form at the speed

Of light each segment being slightly out of

Phase like catipillar walking. Let’s make a

imaginary average 10% are pushing at a time


Like a langolier the back of our single

imaginary pulse gobbles up energy falling

back into the æther where a void was created

In ætheric sea a substance much like a non

Newtonian fluid. That light and matter is

made of.

The tranverse or axial or inline wave strikes

The æther and polarizes the impacted in the

direction of travel and forms the pressure

gradient catipillar leg segments at plank

lengths. This starting the preambulation for

the photon wave along the axial/linear/

transverse wave.

These disturbances along the photon ray

causes electrical and magnetic and

gravitational effects. Which are important but

Take away from basic photon preambulation.

Images by Walter Russell


Another unknown artist who was spot on

A light wave traveling down



Phenomenal work buddy!! you got it, great analogy, you should trademark this because I kid you not you are understanding light and science will bend and realise eventually just what the hell is going on.
And isn’t it fcking phenomenal shit that light stuff!!


I wonder if Vogt is showing those caterpillar legs here?

Have you read Wheeler’s book? it’s a masterpiece.

Lasers and light bulbs are to light itself as permanent magnets are to the universe itself. They are little polarised space time bubbles. little incommensurate little cuts of the bigger field itself, but magnets do not have poles, they have the inverse to counterspace portals or what he calls field incommensurability.

You will LOVE this video, this guy stomps on all phds worldwide in this arena of cosmic mechanics. You know he’s the one who completely digitized all of Walter Russells works, he is a BIG BIG fan of he and Tesla, Faraday, Heaviside, Dollard.

His videos on the secret of AC power generation is also sublime showing what Tesla really created with the AC generator we all use for life today was an ether torsion invention. Nobody talks about this fact anywhere. Electricity is an archetype and the AC generator an archform either field device that sets up the condition for the 'manifestion of electricity to POUR in from the EHTERIC realm because the ether is the dielectric so Tesla’s device as Dollard points out is a ether tap that allows the ‘energy’ the ‘power’ to pour in from counterspace. Creates the ‘condition’ for power generation. does not actually generate it. Generator comes from the word Genesis.


My brain feels like it just went to a Pink Floyd laser show on a heavy dose of LSD blotter. Thanks for twisting my brain up…

You guys just let me know when science like this can be applied to some neat new tech where I can be teleported to a quiet Hawaiian beach with a drink or 2…shoot me a link or something

On a serious note :+1:Intriguing points & opinions here for sure. :wink:

Whoa…. Heavy good stuff. Nice post!

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Very Very heavy my brain hurts !

oh did anyone here follow that Veratasium thing where he bet the physics professor 10k and won! I found it really interesting anyway…

I’ll have a look at this later when I have more time, but also remember that einsteins relativity isn’t rock solid at all, in fact in recent years evidence to the contrary has started to pile up and also that although Albert was a massive contributor he is only the most famous physicist, dont forget Planke, Bohr and of course Thomas Young (the inventor of double slit)


As I said in another post.
We were told that the Michelson Morley experiment showed that the Aether
didn’t exist as they got a zero result from their experiment.


James DeMeo researched their original papers and found they very much
DID get a result just not as great as they expected.
In 1931 Morley and Miller repeated the experiment with better equipment
and better facilities and their results were - better, much better.

Dayton Miller was the most eminent US physicist of the time. He thought
Einstein’s theories were crap and while Miller was alive, Einstein’s theories
could not be promoted.
Miller died in 1943, the same year as Tesla and there were those who were
ready to hipe the relativity theory with limited opposition.
I believe Enstein never wrote a peer reviewed paper; he had an easy path…

So if you don’t understand relativity, it you don’t ‘see it’ , maybe it’s because
there’s nothing to see!


This would require science to rethink everything about the whole electromagnetic spectrum. Do you think they will do that?, what they dont understand they ignore.

I kid you not, he was pretty shocking, Henri Poincare had relativity before AE did and it is said he plagirised his work. its here anyway.

But the biggest errors was giving space properties, it has none at all. it cannot be warped or bent.
And light as a spray of spontaneously produced photons is also completely wrong. He’s just held up by academia and academia is ‘in’ science, it isn’t science itself. It’s quite the cancer upon science what is atomism and trying to explain the universe without any medium and as a magical bag of intelligent bumping particles. Particles are not even a real thing, they’re an effect. It’s why they decay in millionths of a second. But they are studied as though they’re real balls of something when they’re not. they are more like sparks created in these colliders as they are under conditions that the universe may not ever even produce… So we find all these effects that decay, give them names and identities and then build math around the observation and pad it to make it work. The universe has never taken a maths class, has no ruler, we do all this, we bean count things to measure what she’s doing but ultimately she laughs her ass off at us flapping about trying to count things that she throws up at us.

Latest video from Ken


Excellent matey! Anyone with an old crt tv can do this experiment themselves.

I agree something isnt right, we have proved gravitational lensing, which science suggest that light has no mass, but gravity does affect light and anything with mass we know as a particle.

Light has a force of some sort, mainly being radiation which can be both a particle and waves.

Nobody has explained the crookes radiometer correctly, he is the first person in the world to explain how this device works

still obsessive with this asshole spewing out word salad whom still doesn’t explain or actually teach anything. Ken still being the arrogant, self absorbed, weasel.

This guy is such a nobody it is hard to find anyone to criticize him, but I manage to find some.

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