Dr. Fauci Admits That He Lied About Masks

May I remind you that Dr. Anthony Fauci — the highest-paid employee in the federal government — has admitted to lying a number of times to shape public behavior?


Exactly the same thing, or rather a similar thing happened here in Britain last year…the difference was only inasmuch as the person doing the lying to millions of people was only a TV doctor and not one of the highest paid and supposedly respectable health professionals in the country.

The same crap was said though.

IN fact, our lying doctor, ‘Doctor Hillary’ (no joke, that’s his name) actually said that not only do face masks NOT prevent the spread of CV19, but actually INCREASES a person’s chances of catching the virus…i watched that with my own eyes, so this is first hand info.

As we know for certain that they lied to us about the small things…they are certainly going to lie to us about the bigger, more important things aren’t they!

What’s wrong with simply saying we are in desperate short supply of masks, health professionals need the stocks we have, as they are at the sharp end, working all day long with CV19 infected patients…a scarf, a balaclava, a ski-mask, even a painters mask or paintball mask will do the same job for the public…?

The Government could have put a moratorium on the Public sales of PPE to reserve stocks for the health care staff, but instead chose to out-and-out lie their faces off, with a straight - ‘all so sincere’ look doctors have cultivated and give the public the completely false information.

Isn’t that little lying geek Fauci now even saying to be safe people need two or three masks? Again, completely different to what he said even when he was supposed to be coming ‘clean’ and justifying why he lied about masks to the US public in the first place! He said, plain as day, even a simple cloth covering is sufficient for the Public to protect themselves and others, now though he reckons two or three masks worn at once is what’s needed!!!

Why that little creep still has a job (and that TV doctor here in the UK for that matter) is a mystery to me mate.


Fauce would tell you he eats grilled feces sandwiches if Bill Gates or Soros told him to. In all my life I have never saw a man I have any less respect for than him. That says a lot after the Clinton and Obama presidency too. He is not a man to me but an educated dishonest dwarf. I watch the video of him throwing the baseball and its like watching a blind man toss a ball. How any man can toss a ball in such girly manner and it go in a 45 degree angle away from the target is beyond. I would hate to be in a combat zone with that guy and he was the one throwing the hand grenade.
I say this because he is not a man. He is without morals. He is a biological puppet of the kabal and I have zero respects for puppets from any walk.


It was the funniest throw I’ve ever seen… and I referenced it in one of my other posts insulting him and billy boiii… those 2 are just angry they were never picked to play sports lol…


Look at them. I hate to say it but they are the result of inferior breeding no doubt. The two of them together are the Dork Brothers. That is from a thousand years of constant Kabal inbreeding and incest.


Sounds about right… sad how we let these twerps at the helm…


Guilty of crimes against Humanity … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :pray: :earth_africa:


There is even a video where he tells people not to wear a mask because it is useless.


Sounds like he and a few others may need more than a Psych evaluation.


Greetings and Salutations, Welcome to Disclose.tv !

@Krishna Greetings and Salutations, Welcome to Disclose.tv ! To you too.

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This should not surprise anyone, even the WHO said so before he did.

Welcome @Marty713 and @Krishna :+1:t2:

And when Trump called him out on it he said Trump was telling a lie. If I were Trump before I left office I would have called one more covid press conference and slapped that little knee high girly mans jawbone off his face on the floor and dared him to pick it up.


WHO now saying You do not need to Wear a Mask — Did You Know

I listened to the WHO press conference for Jan 29, 2021 No mention of vaccines killing or maiming people. They just keep pushing the dangerous vaccines. By the way the vaccine for H1N1 Tedros talked about at the end, harmed a lot of children. For information on that go HERE Loads of information on the horrid things that happened, as well as a lot on how the WHO works with drug companies. Tedros must think everyone in the world is stupid.

They are responsible for many deaths and many more to come, from the Vaccines and the Lock downs.

If anyone trusts them, then they need to get some drastically needed help with that.

The reporters don’t even ask important questions. Like how many have died from the vaccines to date or been harmed.

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Orwell could learn a lot from these arsehats…talk about double-speak!

I, for One, is not surprised at ALL

And I am referring to the WHO saying no masking required for healthy people


I hear his latest thing is if you put your left foot in, pull your left foot out, put your left foot in, then you shake it all about, every 30 minutes, that it will prevent you from contracting covid.

Im gonna do it every 15 then :+1:t2:

You could have said to bite an alpha male tiger in the butt and you will get immunity and half the people in NC would get their face bit off by a male tiger.

Im sticking with the hokey pokey thank you very much lol :+1:t2:


This pathetic pos habitually lies and crickets from the NWO media.