Dr Robert Willner Injects "HIV" into himself on TV (AIDS HOAX)

It’s a classic.

Dr. Robert Willner practiced mainstream, “orthodox,” medicine for over 40 years until he witnessed the ravages of chemotherapy and radiation on his wife, who finally succumbed to the complications of breast cancer.

He then began to question the methods upon which his lifelong career had been based.
He began holding press conferences where he would inject him self with HIV-infected blood to prove his case that HIV did not cause AIDS.

In this press conference, he gave his extensive and persuasive (if overwrought) arguments for why the stories propagated in the media about AIDS made no scientific sense to him, whatsoever. He references Fauci… & it’s quite interesting in hearing the parallels between this & what’s going on today. 4 months later he dies from an unsuspecting heart attack. Just like the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis



Hey @silverfox

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Yes! I remember this. :+1:


If you listen to everything he is saying, there is no doubt in my mind that he was murdered.

Kerry Mullis strangely enough died from pneumonia complications right before the outbreak. Things that make you go… :thinking:


Oh was it pneumonia? I was thinking heart attack for some reason. & yeah for sure he was about ready to take them guys to court

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Surprised this is still on youtube. Must not be truth cause only truth gets censored on youtube.


I thought that. Watch, now that you said it it will be taken down :grinning:

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Well, I’m watching it before it does.

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F’ing Fauci! How much medical tyranny has he done?

How ironic that he’d ‘die’ of pneumonia when this supposed covid kills by pneumonia


Considering he started with nih in 68’…
Probably a lot!

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I’ve heard that Fauci is responsible for the " AIDS" epidemic because he targeted homosexuals who were drug addicts in that they needed the Hepatitis C medicines or hep C vaccine. I’m not sure exactly what or how. But I know the correlation between Hepatitis C and AIDS was due to the genocidal tendencies of Anthony Fauci and he deserves the electric chair for genocide and crimes against humanity for Covid 1984 vaccinations!!!

Also, AIDS deaths in Africa were the caused by the Catholic Church. Cardinals would tell AIDS patients that condoms caused AIDS.

Which is sick in and of itself, but they probably didn’t know Fauci had put AIDS in the Hepatitis vaccines. He did this in San Francisco, California.

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