Drone Footage From Korea With Strange ORB

A guy and his friend are filming and test flying a drone when they capture something very strange. You can clearly see here that this object is travelling quite fast, with no discernible features to give it away as a bird.

Is this a drone? I don’t necessarily think so, the way it flies, doesn’t relate to the direction it’s travelling. Is this a bird? I don’t think so, I see no wings, no real defined features or shapes indicating this is a fast moving bird. Is this a frisbee? Nah, it travels too fast and too far for anyone to humanly toss one that way. Balloon? pff don’t even.

So just what the heck could this be?


The same orbs found en filmed Nort Spain .


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Thanks for sharing Xico! Very interesting capture, I’m a huge fan of drone captures :smiley:

something is wrong. the object pops into view when the video flips back and the waves on the beach are not breaking like they should in a legit video.

Here’s the source file links, you can download them and watch the same videos I did :smiley: I didn’t notice what you’re mentioning, I was more honed in on finding the object, and once the object was found, I cut out the part where it’s shown and deleted the rest. The portion of the clip that this object is found is no longer then a few seconds. Thanks for having a keen eye and stating so, perhaps when you watch the source files ( if you watch the source files ) you’ll believe this to be more legit then not

[http://www.mufoncms.com/files_jeud8334j/113754_submitter_file1__DJI0021.MP4](https://Video One)

[http://www.mufoncms.com/files_jeud8334j/113754_submitter_file2__DJI0022.MP4](https://Video 2)

I’ll also pre-warn you, these files are large and much longer then the little snippet I provide, they took longer then a few minutes to download hah which by todays standards can be a lifetime for some with little to no patience

A similar phenomena appeared in an episode of Breaking Bad.

Season 7, episode 5, 2 min 50 seconds … have a look.

It’s one of those japanese spirits, off to collect some bad karma, lift the burden from good people who don’t deserve it.

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