Dubya to his base: translation - FU , you racists!


Isn’t this rich? Why that no good turncoat, bamboozler, shoe dodger, hoodwinker and traitor! How dare he?!

Ha ha ha, as someone who said it all along “this patriotism crap is a trap” for ignorant Americans that will cost them dearly, allow me this moment to say “I dun told you so! Ha ha ha!”

You really have to wonder if Dubya supporters understand the epic dose of karma that is befalling them for their decade of xenophobic hysteria and unleashing war on the world? Thanks to them we are now a society of safe space hysterical libtards. Most children are too far gone to re-educate. Furthermore the lasting psychological damage is irreversible at this point. That means it will take generations to simply wait out the damage they have unleashed. Need proof? Look at Russia it had to wait for 30 years of for the damage population to eat itself before allowing some kind of semblance of normality and sanity to return to society.

Now to pour salt on the wound their good old boy Dubya is sneaking in like the rat weasel bastard bitch that he is to get his kicks in. He he he, nuclear/nucular what’s the difference? Sounds like fuzzy math to me! He he he.

Let’s take a moment to remember the good old days…

Whodathunkit things would only get worse after Dubya? Far worse! Some did and they were called cooks and terrorized for speaking the truth.

If you didn’t see the troll face smirking at you, sending your boys to die in the desert while you wrapped yourself in the flag and slapped a yellow ribbon on her car, I bet you do now. Read the comments, Americans are gettin it more and more Rinos and libtards are one and the same, the American establishment is a criminal cabal!

Now liberals be honest with yourselves at least in the private hysteria of your minds. Do you remember how much we hated this colossal piece of shit? I mean Trump hate is nothing compared to the real and justified hate of Dubya. (Btw guess where they farmed and studied those emotions, ok that’s above yer pay grade) How does it feel to have Dubya of all people openly backing you epic retards? If that doesn’t speak volumes to you about what you have become, there is no saving you!


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Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Omg! Hahahahahahahahaha! Lol! Buwahahahahahaha! Ok ok ok check this out…

Bush voters you have my sympathies you really do. How is this man safe in Texas? Oh that’s right cuz the libtards hijacked and penetrated that holy of hollies as well! Yoink! Because that’s what parasites do! Give them an inch…

That’s like voting in Obama to undo all the evil Dubya wrought and then having him double down and outdo Dubya by leaps and bounds. Oh wait he did.

If you wait long enough, all schemes and schemers will show their true nature. He he he.

If there was ever a sobering moment for the sane people in America to realize the con and boycott the establishment it is now.

Rolling boycotts people. Hit em where it hurts. Predetermined days when no one buys anything, repeat as needed. We can call it the Cipollino plan, he he.


I tried to tell people too. How anyone could ever trust a Bush is baffling. War criminals.