Earth's magnetic field flipped 42,000 years ago, creating a climate 'disaster'

A reversal in Earth’s magnetic fieldthousands of years ago plunged the planet into an environmental crisis that may have resembled “a disaster movie,” scientists recently discovered…


We can thank our Kiwi comrades for assistance here, well not them exactly but their trees, kauri trees (Agathis australis ) from northern New Zealand, that were preserved in bog…

Magnetic molecules preserved in volcanic deposits and other sediments tell scientists when past reversals happened; those molecules align with the magnetic field at the time that they were deposited, so they indicate the location of the magnetic North Pole, said lead study author Alan Cooper, an emeritus professor in the Department of Geology at the University of Otago in New Zealand…

“Once we worked out the exact timing from the kauri record, we could see that it coincided perfectly with records of climatic and biological change all over the world,” Cooper told Live Science in an email. For example, around this time, megafauna in Australia began to go extinct and Neanderthals in Europe were dying out; their decline may have been accelerated by climate-related changes to their ecosystems, Cooper said…

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It is actually true that the earth flips its poles. Might want to build an ark… :rofl:






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Of all the things on this site to say is fake and you pick one of the few real things. :rofl:

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Here is a post I did awhile back that includes a bunch of information on the climate cycle:

The link above is also very pertinent to our recent decline in temperatures.

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And people used to call me crazy, saying that electro-magnetic is the strongest force out of all… We are entwined with the sun and the rest of the planet.

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From what I’ve been looking into it’s not the poles flipping. It’s the magnetosphere weakness should be what should be worried about. When the poles flipped the protective force that is weaken allows more cosmic rays to come earth. Which messes up dna and causes cancer and etc. and with the sun coming out of solar minimum chances of solar flares increase. And with a weak field even a small flare could do some major damage to electrical components. Big ones might cause the earth to charge up and then dissipate the energy back to space. Lightning in reverse. I heard the galaxy just went through galatical plain which could cause it to happen. Signs are it’s happening already to the outer planets. The earths poles are only shifted but def moving faster than they have.

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A little adder Skippy;

Mid-Ocean Ridges: Magnetics & Polarity

How Fast is the Mid-Ocean Ridge Spreading?

magnetics and polarity


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Talking of temperatures this summer has been a fizzer big time…it’s felt autumnish for a while and hasn’t been hot save for a couple of heatwaves that rolled through…I’m interested is seeing they make if it :beers:

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you joined up just to prove you are not worthy, there’s levels to this shit fool. the link to ‘live science’ should have given you at least some idea :man_facepalming:

@Skippychippy wow interesting stuff, I thought the last full reversal was 750,000 years ago and we were well overdue? :thinking: i have to look into this…

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:rofl: yeah oops…this one got me interested because this is around the time the megafauna died out and this was attributed to the indigenous hunting them to extinction…but they coexisted for more than20k years…interested in what you dig up bro :beers:

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