Eat Dirt = Stay Healthy (New England Journal of Medicine)


Let this one sink in …

From an evolutionary perspective, it is perhaps not unexpected that the immune system, which over millions of years has adapted to a heavy microbial load, may react in an ‘inadequate’ way upon a sudden, radical decrease of this load, caused by vaccinations, antibiotics, and especially improved hygienic conditions.”

Almost 20 year old research paper that talks sense, unlike the stuff we see nowadays. It explains why we have a rise in autoimmune disorders in the developed world and there is almost none in underdeveloped world. It’s about over-scrubbing, vaccines and antibiotics messing with our immunity and causing deadly immune disorders in the process while claiming to eradicate infectious diseases that are not so deadly or debilitating as autoimmune disorders.

<I’m not saying skip your next shower, skip the vaccines and antibiotics for everything minor, don’t be afraid to get dirty and sometimes even sick, like in a yearly flue>

The hygiene hypothesis postulates that an environment with a high incidence of infectious diseases protects against allergic and autoimmune diseases, whereas hygienic surroundings increase the incidence of these disorders. This review examines the evidence in support of the hygiene hypothesis and offers a number of mechanisms that could explain the relation between sanitary conditions and susceptibility to allergic and autoimmune diseases.

New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 347, No. 12, September 19, 2002, pages 911-920.

Title of research paper:

Here below are the conclusions of that rapport in 11 points:

  1. Infectious agents can suppress allergic (asthma, rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis) and autoimmune (multiple sclerosis, insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes, and Crohn’s disease) disorders.

  2. The incidence of these disorders began to increase in the 1950s [coincidentally with the availability of antibiotics and vaccinations] and continues today.

  3. There has been a significant decrease in the incidence of many infectious diseases in developed countries as a result of antibiotics, vaccination, and improved hygiene.

  4. Early childhood infections change immune system maturation.

  5. The administration of antibiotics to children increases the risk of asthma and allergy.

  6. Decreased exposure of women to viruses before pregnancy may subsequently reduce the degree of protection against these viruses afforded to their newborns.

  7. “Vaccination strategies should be examined in the context of the hygiene hypothesis.”

  8. Vaccinations may prevent ‘protective’ infections and thus have an unfavourable effect.

  9. “In addition to the problem of antibiotic resistance, unnecessary treatment with antibiotics could reduce the degree of physiological immune-stimulation afforded by commensal bacteria.”

  10. “There is a certain irony in the fact that we must now search for new ways to reproduce the infectious diseases against which we have been fighting with great success over the past three decades.”

  11. These mechanisms might extend to other immune disorders, like non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas [cancer], which is also increasing in developed countries.


My mama wasn’t always the best mother, being quite young when I was born, but boy do I owe her! From playing and getting dirty, to chicken pox parties, to her spitting on a napkin to clean my face, I’ve almost never been sick since I was two or so, and I have no allergies whatsoever save some sort of pollen in the spring. I also refuse to be a part of this hand sanitizer hysteria. The example that always comes to mind is, “do you think doctors and nurses in hospitals use hand sanitizer all day?” No, they are far too familiar with superbugs!!!


Lol we were party kids back in the day.

By the way have cured multiple folks with pollen allergies, old wisdom I heard and watched work on my colleagues. Daily 2-3 thee spoons of bee pollen mixed in a 10% fat Greek style yoghurt as soon as your eyes get stingy in the season. Driving the nail out with another nail :slight_smile:



EAT IT…do not apply on your eyes :rofl:


Was just gonna make that joke, lol. Thanks!


I take a does of the good, good every day. That stuff is remarkable. Hopefully next year I’ll be harvesting my own bee pollen.

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Strange story that reminds me of this. I was never a wine drinker…strictly a shot-n-a-beer guy my entire life. About 10 years ago i some how aquired a lactose intolerance issue. Was never lactose intolerant before. But i thought im starting to get older maby this is just how my body operates now. Was kindof confused about it since i used to drink milk by the half gallon most of the first half of my life. Fast forward 10 years i started drinking wine instead of beer and shots. And experimenting with that. Different kinds…flavors…etc finding what my likes are if any and i found a few that i liked instantly. Strangely enough i had glass of milk at some point expecting disastrous effects…and to my suprise. The milk had no negative effects on me. The only thing i changed was drinking wine. I believe wine cured my lactose intolerance. I havent been to my dr for a long time but i intend to mention this. Maby something in the fermentation process of the wine added something in my gut i was lacking making me lactose intolerant…i was also allergic to cats. Never knowing this because i never had a cat or was exposed to cats no one in my family had a cat. But while i lived alone, a cat made me his new friend. I allowed the cat inside my apartment. Shortly after found out i was incredibly allergic to them. But not being allergic to anything before, i didnt know what an allergic reaction was. I actually went to the dr and told him my eyes were watery and itchy…nose kept running. Face felt swollen and had no idea wtf was wrong with me…he knew right away and asked me if i had anything new around the house? New bedding? Animals? Air fresheners?..i said yes a cat. Well after a while my body became used to cats and im no longer allergic to those either. Now i own a cat which sleeps with me every night with no effects at all…incredible how our boddies adapt to things!


@MrNice Good to hear, self sufficient, I was always amused how bees recognize beekeeper and yes they do know you.

@rottenapple so recognizable, from no wine to wine drinker, 20 years ago for me. Our taste changes with years and if we listen to our brain craving stuff we can self-“medicate”.


I was getting bored with beer and the shots. And while wondering the liquor store i noticed the endless options wine offers. So far i found i enjoy roscotto, lambrusco and Riesling. I also found 3 bottles is my limit to where i can no longer negotiate stairs. Or icy driveways. I Slipped last week and wound up stuck inside my bushes. Its amazing how bushes can just absorb a 175 pound human body with ease :joy:


Yeah…everything in life is based on conditioning over time.
If you are exposed to lots of bacteria and viruses at an early age and if you lived through it all, then your body would build a strong immune system (assuming you had a reasonable diet).
We have been slowly moving away from such things…back in my days if you fell off your bike you might bang your head or skin your knee…going “outside to play” meant you would most likely end up digging in the dirt or playing “tackle the man with the ball”…during which time it was very possible you might get a mouth full of grass and dirt…
Now days…many kids don’t even know what to do with themselves “outside” let alone have been exposed to lots of things to build the immune system. My grandmother (has since passed away, but lived to almost be 90) used to travel all over the world and she had gotten sick a few times drinking water in a place that had different bacteria in the water…but in her middle-age to later age years she could pretty much drink water from anywhere and not get sick…because she had the “right kind” of bacteria fauna in her digestive tract.

We are too soft…


Dinner of Bugs, Dirt, and Synthetic Meat - Bill Gates future looks great!

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Doesn’t it have to local bee pollen?. or will any old pollen do?, as long as it’s from a
Bee of course.

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I had really bad autoimmune. Had Lyme for five years and couldn’t get better. I found some info about bacteria and viruses. I found some info on how bacteria and viruses are all through the human body. Normal and needed because bacteria eat viruses and viruses kill bacteria. Many different types so statement is generalized. So if the bacteria were to be killed off of could disrupt a balanced we don’t see. I seen 80 percent of all antibiotics go into animals for human consumption. Factory farming has forced animals into enclosures which basically causes them to get infection. Then corporate factory farms gives lots of antibiotics. Then we consume the antibiotics and that in turn kills the bacteria in our body, not just theirs. There’s good and bad bacteria and viruses. The food we eat is poisonous for our good bacteria. When their killed autoimmune start. Viruses are not alive. The group responsible for making sure that all animals had to be inculcated WHO in 1993. A lot of alignments seemed to spring up since that time. I was really bad. Moving like an old man at 36. I was scared was going to this way for the rest of my life. I’m not a holy roller type person but I believe in God very much. And I was given way. I’m 41 and feel better than I did at 18. All I did was kick out pork and chicken mainly. I did a fast for couple days and did a vegan diet for two months. It works and is awesome. Most doctors IMO don’t know
Themselves. Makes me wonder is all on purpose. Antibiotics are molds. They all know this. Why would you keep putting molds in your body over and over.

Don’t eat dirt. There’s a bunch of bad chemicals and metals from all the pollutions. Maybe 100 years you could without dying.

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@catale Any will do, same results with bee pollen originating 1000 miles apart.

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