Egyptian pyramids grave sites

Egyptian pyramids grave sites is there any evidence of mass grave sites. Surely people must have passed away in the construction of the pyramids. If we are to believe there was tens of thousands of construction workers for 20 years. I don,t think the Egyptians would have been big on Health and safety either


Good point.

Maybe workers weren’t allowed to be buried anywhere near these places. Not important enough.

Why bother moving the corpses long distances bit of a waste ok a mile or so

Because they wouldn’t deserve to be buried in such a sacred place.

I heard some research about how it was possible the pyramids weren’t built by slaves. And I don’t think the pyramid were tombs. Prob a public meeting place. Which could make sense for many things including why very few are found. I work in construction I know quality very well. I’ve seen different styles. And have been able to tell difference when someone wants to build and when they’re forced. Maybe where freemasonry started. Bunch a theories I heard but have heard this question before.

What they built the pyramids on a Saturday or something lets not bother with food production or housing. Lets build 3 useless pyramids that looks pretty instead. While we watch people die of starvation. For our beloved leader- tyrant