Election Fraud Will Be Known As The “BIG LIE”, We Caught Them All, We Have It All

It is just a matter of time, & these crooks will be brought to justice!!

The push for the great reset is failing, people are rejecting their electric vehicles. Biden has now told everyone that anyone making 400,000 or less will not have to pay taxes. The [CB] is losing the battle, more and more businesses are accepting cryptocurrency. The people around the country are waking up and they are pushing back against the [DS] agenda. More and more will rise up because they hear the calling. The [DS] is pushing everything they have to stop the audit, they have planes flying overhead, they have carnivals setting up next to the audit they have people sneaking in, nothing will stop this. Trump issues a statement that election fraud will be the biggest lie ever told. The patriots are now on the offensive, pushing the [DS] to expose it all and when they do its game over


Here you go for another video link…


They just added an extra Server to the mix and doubled the Audit tables

Theres so much fraud they needed more help and storage…


Hoooweee! Git-r-dun and Dun-r-git!

Doesn’t matter if the Supreme Court refuses to hear it
Or does it? :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Pretty much.

They got the corrupted supreme court IN THEIR POCKET.

Tyranny is a matter of opinion, plus what grounds can you have to make that call, we reserve the right to bare arms which they are removing and the right to form a state militia against it, my true opinion is we have been in tyranny since Bush hit those towers, the sooner everyone wakes up the sooner we can get back to the normal.


they can and probably will refuse it, but this is no obstacle for justice. The Generals and top brass should be the one’s taking control and the only government paid employees that have dignity and I would trust for the roles… Once treason is committed it is not a criminal court proceeding where SC would have jurisdiction but a military tribunal. Another route would be to use Patriot Act against them, using the system against the system would allow for a chance to show everyone the evidence. Also I wonder if one resides in DC as a governmental parasite, are you under jurisdiction of military such as a base would be?

It would be from the people
It has to be taken

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I have BIG HOPES that you are right… I want to see it… I want to experience it… Even willing to load up and participate in the next Revolutionary War… I think that may be what is needed, to sort out generations of corruption… Allow the Military to protect our country by rounding up bad actors… The citizens can offer back up support to ensure the job gets done right…

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The [big players] are rounded up
If you are watching this is house cleaning
[Media] is last-Mossad and so is

Watch Az., Mich. And Pa.

Watch Chauvin
Read Revelations
Learn about Trump


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You can believe I am watching and waiting… Been doing so for a very long time… Right after they killed President Kennedy… We should have had our house cleaning back then so it would have been stopped… With no group scheming and trying to destroy our fundamental rights ever again… Even after all this time I am still hopeful, I will live long enough to finally see our country restored…

Julian Calander
And remember
August mirrors April

God Bless

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