EMP - How to protect from an electro magnetic pulse nuclear attack?

An Electromagnetic pulse or EMP is a burst of radiation created by a high-altitude nuclear explosion. The range and extent of damage this type of destructive event would cause to commercial networks incl,uding utilities, 911 responders and transportation hubs is being evaluated globally by government leaders, military agencies, and scientists.

As experts in highly specialized EMP/HEMP filter technology, top defense contractors have relied on Transtector’s design experience and patented technology to meet the requirements set by military standards for EMP-EMI mitigation. This proven technology and tested product mix are now being expanded to support commercial network operators as they plan HEMP network threat assessments.

In the white paper below, we will discuss various forms of EMP, why these events are devastating to commercial infrastructure, and proactive steps to take in evaluating network threat assessments.

Protection levels


Download the full white paper here:


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Very correct also of anyone seen the new godzilla its exactly what admiral e byrd said! That whole movie is based on hollow earth. A must see also tons of illuminati symbols everywhere


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The above was translated from The documents in this documentary :point_down:


I think that would be the continent byrd talked about saying “another land big as the United States”

There’s much more land beyond Antarctica that’s being guarded or protected by every country in the Antarctic treaty of 61




Wow - this discussion really got off topic quickly. There is not much information here for the average person, but it can be found doing a search on the web. Start by making a simple Faraday cage by insulating an aluminum trash can (instructions on the web), and store critical backup electrical devices like an AM/FM/Shortwave/Weather radio, and maybe a backup laptop (preferably loaded with survival topic PDFs). Some people are also storing backup critical electronic parts for their vehicle if they don’t have a pre-1975 car. But the reality is that if the power is knocked out by an EMP, it won’t be back for years, and by then you will have either starved to death or fallen victim to the roving gangs searching for supplies. Have a nice day!

It was operation highjump. And it aint a pedestal, it’s a giant turtle :joy:


Maybe now it’s worth the watch… I have to say it looks like a heap of shite though :joy:

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I think copper is more effective to use than aluminium.

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People use aluminum in place of copper because of cost. High voltage electrical lines are made from aluminum for that reason. Silver would be the best, but obviously the cost to efficiency ratio is not worth it.

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