End of America?

We will never see another fair election in America.

Total oligarch control

Green new deal = communist manifesto & great reset

We will probably see America divide in the near future.


No no, this are only the begining for a New Real Democratic and Not Satanic Nation…but ONLY WITH TRUMP !! Come one USA …fight for your and out Democracy !!


Look at the signs . No American mentioned in Revelation. It must and will fall. Know this, natural disasters such as mega-storms, earthquakes, large death of water life, more plagues worse than Covid which no man will be safe from contracting. Those elites and satanists like Gates and Soros will cower in fear because no man can make a medicine to counter it. This Covid pretend pandemic will be like a mosquito bite.
The seals in Heaven are being broken by the only one worth of breaking them. Nothing this planet can do about it. Our only choice is where will be when its over here.
I say this and yet do not worry. It is what it is and I will do what I am doing.



America was lost a long time ago. Our decades of complacency brought about a last ditch effort in electing Trump, but our nations salvation ship left port never to come back. With Trump we were a day late and a dollar short.

Evil dug itself so deep into the fabric of the USA that the only way to get rid of it is fire.


Sore losers are all I see!


They must be hanging the your colon walls cause that is where your head is at :rofl: :rofl:


Darn I hate this ignore and blocking crap expiring every few days. It needs to be permanent until the member changes his mind.

Fixed now

No American mentioned in Revelation.

Depends on your interpretation I suppose. Lady liberty is not viewed the same anymore. I’m not religious but if you consider the way the country has turned, perhaps she is the woman spoken of.

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Thought you were ignoring hypocrite? Go pray to your God for assassination. Not my fault you believe in and simp for Evangelists and white supremacists. It is less than you deserve to only lose an election and how vulgar and petty you are only proves it.


No we know who the great whore of revelation is. that has been exposed since the roman empire.
I can tell you have zero knowledge. Think to yourself what will be proclaiming and riding the skirts of an Antichrist? Its not a nation. You are catching bits of pieces evidently on the media. The No America is gleaned from the nations that are mentioned in the final battle at the last day of this planet…not a person there mentioned…its nations there.

If you have interest arm yourself with knowledge. Have a good day.

I see that proud 6 bs ended.



I always thought the Whore of Babylon was the Holy Roman Catholic Church?

Come out of her those that are dressed in purple and scarlet.


Danny, exactly my take on this. The negative energies permeating the globe from moments of recent and those to come will help ever-intensify the coming catastrophe cycle. Balance will be restored. A great time to let go of things we now know we have no control over, hold our convictions, love thy neighbor, and have faith. It’s truly that easy


Then we should start HERE!! :+1:t2:


Can’t get love outta people that are full of hate.


Good luck world. :wave:

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So my friend that means you will stay out of the North Woods…??

Love thy neighbor…Kim Boo yah me lord…loom boom yah

Yeah, love, yeah, happiness…peace…:roll_eyes:

Love thy neighbor who will have you on a leash and next only they will be able to define “your happiness” and what you can and can’t “love”.:ok_hand:

Control control control.

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He’s a good Christian who talks shit and puts people down. It’s what Jesus would want.

Danny told me the other day that Jesus loved grabbing pussy and that’s why he incarnated into Trump. :rofl: