Enormous ancient columns in quarry near Alexandria Troas

I’m so grateful a picture tells a thousand words, because I can’t understand a word Vlad says…fortunately, as usual, his slides are on point…




In this video we’re treated to Enormous ancient columns in a quarry near Alexandria Troas, an ancient quarry in Neandria, Anatolia and several ancient Greek quarries from Anatolia and Euboea island…theres huge forgotten ancient columns there, also polygonal walls of Neandria, from the Bronze Age period…also Ancient Polygonal Masonry in Anatolia…the trapezoidal style doors and windows are also visible…

Again, as usual, it’s worth a watch for the slides that give a good gauge of the size of some of these columns…

Cheers guys :beers:


I’m truly shocked and amazed that they are STILL finding archaeological sites that were “previously unknown” in the world. … it’s not like people don’t get around and dig everywhere these days…


Absolutely mate, I’m stoked though…always makes me wonder if population estimates are on point or there were in fact a lot more people at certain points in time :beers:


I always have a look at the size of the doors and windows if any,
when the buildings have huge very high doorways large steps etc we know its the ancient giants that ms archaelogy/science etc keeps lying about.

I swear one day a real giant skeleton will show up somehwere somehow and someone will have the brains not to call the authorities or smithsonian or any archaelogical historical society and they will pull it out and proove once and for all these giants existed were very real and were responsible for so much cyclopean architecture and the authorites of antiquity will be forced to admit they have been lying for over 300+ years now,
i cant wait for that day to happen.


Like these little guys at ollytaytambo (spelling lol) in Peru…


so many places feature huge openings…sure, some may be dick extenders like luxury cars or huge houses today, but not all… :beers:


They have FOUND skeletons of giants and structures built by giants that’s why the grand canyon does not allow people in the bottom of it any more.

They found caves that were CARVEDa running for MILES and everything in them was made for someone over 10 feet tall and the real kicker was they were covered in Egyptian hieroglyphics


So that’s actually dinky die legit? the caves?..I’ve seen videos describing as such but I guess skepticism took over :beers:

Wow…never seen these steps before…As a bricklayer myself i can imagine the effort put into this is huge.

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Now I have heard it all :rofl: :rofl: “look at the size of my steps”…
…you know I am hung that way… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:
Perhaps it is time for herstory as history is just plainly crap !!!
Anyways we all know it was those pesky giants that did it… :beers:

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Yes exactly excellent example the steps in ollytaytambo thats correct,
as if humans would build steps like that lol,

they must think we are so guillioble and stupid, unfortunately so many are that the ptb ms pc archaeoliars look upon us as the unwashed rabble that has to be told what to believe and if you dont your a conspiracy nut thats how they shut us down when we expose them or tell truth.

This kind of example can just about be found all over the world, i love making the claim there were giants because its just truth simple as that.

The bible tells the same story and thats one of the main reasons why the giants like in the grand canyon and so many other places all over the world are denied strenously or mis labelled as neanderthal or kept away from us using swecurity parks and wildlife dont worry i know about that too aye,
yeah yeah yeah there were giants the bible is TRUE and the globalist shills hate hearing that the bible told us truth,
becaus ethey are fully satanised most of them dont even know this they justy have pre programmed instant knee jerk reactions that are a direct result of mind control so they dont even understand why they get angry when told truth like that.

They are pre programmed & indoctrinated to react thats why,
just like the professors they learn from, they scoff like them too, its all mind conditioning
and its done so well the victims dont know they are reacting its instant and done without the persons realisation see?
Trigger mechanisms of mind control…all over this planet, but not everyone thanks God.

Pavlovs dog.

Anyways we know better we are not victims anymore of this hideous mind control program we broke free cos we are strong willed free thinkers independent personalities the system hates us for this,

hates us cos we cant be manipulated by them hahaha hardy ha ha.

This is why i luv yous all see,?? yep—>cos i know youve broken free too kudos to you see?

You deserve to be acknowledged for the brilliance of your independent mind and the ability to disarm your own triggers subliminally planted there by evil men in control of the masses.

This is how it works sadly with all forms of scientific lies and deceptions the system fools are promoting as truth,
but one day its them who will be on the back foot wait its coming it has to.

We will die knowing the truth my friends,
and we will be set free with truth too, they will be entrapped forever in there lies deceptions and evil they do to us,.

be well great topic and posts above you inspire me so much you guys thanks heaps.
Nah really thanks i means it big times ///


Think There’s an


Behind All These Recent


When a person tells the TRUTH in life like about these kinds of topics re giants etc,
they are doing GODS WORK for him see?

Through your mouth via your spirit you are
speaking & spreading truth against the system of lies we all live under,
this is a righteous Godly powerful act that goes against the satans in life yep.
Thats why i thank you all so very much.


Heh heh, ya beat me to this one lol


America HAD giants living all over the question is …where did they go?

and why is Smithsonian,BBC, National Geographic and all major so-called “archaeological” societies frantically “destroy” or “lose” any artifacts that support it…?


That’s funny I look at the same things because I have no problem at all believing there were Giants, or that was just the size of them at the time, and little people, or/and that was just the size of them at the time. Maybe that’s why we don’t see any aliens because we’re so huge! Or, they’re so massive and our Earth is like a little pebble and they don’t even notice us. Oh well…

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I think it has to do with the “giants” dna

Cant have anything that does not fit “normal parameters”
now can we?

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yep. :v: 2 papers reported finding egpytian tombs in the grandcanyon area.

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