Epstein Is Alive? It Seems That May Be The Case

I know this info is over 1 yr old, convenient it happened at the start of the “pandemic” of course.
Personally I always believed he was, you dont videotape everyone, to blackmail them, them being people who are in control of militaries, without having a dead mans switch if you will-some way to prevent someone just killing you, or putting you in jail, especially when you have a partner-whom i also do not believe is in jail. pre her arrest i saw evidence she was not in the USA, and weird the biggest arrest in decades, and not one photo, no perp walk-right.
well it turns out Epstein owned a bank-one that he never used as a business, but that allowed him to transfer all his money, sin 500million out of his accounts-to his private bank! just a hunch, Lolita Trust?

What if Jeffrey Epstein’s deadman switch was covid 19?

If he were to ever be caught he wanted something that would keep the entire planet occupied.

It did empty prisons after all. Less people he’d have to be with.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Nice to hear a new conspiracy theory Mr.Nice. I’d hope he didn’t have that much reach though, it’d be some James Bond villain type level of strangeness

Of course this pile of crap is alive. A mossad agent that has done so much for the cause is arrested in a country controled completely by israel. I am shocked he was arrested in the first place.

I know some of you have a hard time reading but the article says “his estate”. That means that the executor of the estate withdrew the funds, not Epstein! I’m sure that with with all the money he left, a lot of people are trying to get some of it!

if i were him, and had my own bank, that was not being used as a business but being “maintained” licenses, accreditations, etc that would be required to have the said bank being functionable (cause i assume transfer of x multi millions of dollars/euros/yen/whatever would likely run into many snags-if it was even possible to a bank without the highest “stamps of approval” from the country it was in, as well as any international “stamps”. there are only 2 things i would use it for, 1, transactions that were obviously illegal. having said that, i am just a common tax slave, and dont understand the fine detail of international banking fraud in the limits of all the loopholes-so that might not even be possible-besides he did that with banks like HSBD and Deutsche Bank, at least.
2, would be an exit stratigy.
considering this is the only time the bank has been used, im guessing the reason for it was the most serious possible. im guessing-again just a common tax slave here, Lolita Trust could close their “doors” after the transaction giving them a head start on his excursion, and you would think under the circumstances, many lawsuits pending, his “death”, his incarceration, the ongoing “investigation” into the criminals on his payroll that helped him commit his crimes around the globe-both the international ones-who traveled with him, and the local ones that worked for him in his favorite hot spots-not to mention no one seems to know (or care) how he made his money, the media just says billionaire hedfund manager-despite having only 1 client and no experience as a broker.
the point is it seems his estate could transfer anything the normal routes-if they are even allowed to!
The fact tha this is the only time this bank was use-tells me its a very important reason, one that they want the ability to control any and all information around, stall the police, give them fake info whatever, there isnt much to lose at this point!

If they can pull off the 911 heist/hoax, they can sure as hell fake a person’s death.
Camera’s malfunctioned? GIVE ME A BREAK. Epstein was a blackmail artist. it’s how he gained so much power & influence. Guaranteed he had contingencies in place in case something happened to him. An insurance of sorts… “If something happens to me… etc etc… Now get me out of this jail cell” He’s alive, or was murdered. Hung himself ? nope.

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