ER doctor who treated George Floyd testifies on cause of death

The Hennepin County Medical Center doctor who treated Floyd and declared him dead last May testified that he believed Floyd likely died of asphyxia.

Another rightist MSM lie exposed.

The policeman murdered George Floyd by asphyxiation.

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Look up Sigma 7, based in Minneapolis right around the corner from this fiasco. George Floyd isn’t dead, this is all a facade. Home boy even showd up to his funeral.


Ok thanks for your theory, do you have any proof a link perhaps or did you just make that up?

Hmmmmm… google search Sigma 7 Minneopolis? Last I checked you made this post which means your fingers work.

As do yours, you make a claim you either put up a link or it means nothing.

I am not here to do your work for you.

I watched the video where he was murdered, so your theory is nonsense.

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So tell me how in one shot home boy has hair and in another shot home has no hair.

Tell me why in one shot home boy swallows his load of drugs, tells the cops I can’t breathe while standing, go in one side of the car with out hair comes out the other with hair? Infected with so called corona but has lethal doses of drugs in his system… how come the other minority officers let whitey put down another brown man?
Dude, I’m black and call bullshit.


Dude your colour is of no consequence, why would you think it would?

I am white and I am telling you I seen the video, there are eye witnesses who have testified in court that saw him murdered.

I am more curious as to why you think being black would make a difference in our discussion about your false claims?

Because it appears the only people sticking up for white people are black people. Woke white people are so retarded that they seem to believe they haven’t been fooled even when large groups of black and minority folks point out how ignorant you are. George Floyd was over 6 feet tall how you gonna fit in a coffin that measures exactly 6 feet tall, did they cut his feet off to make room for the cushioning? Bro, you buying this shit just shows the world you have lost your way and have been dupped by the Grand illusion.


He’s a pedo troll. Best to just point n laugh and carry on about your day. Nobody takes this punk seriously.


Yes hes lost as hell, when this shit gets released you are all gonna shit your pants, as for the pedo shit, if this dude is like that I’ll fire up the wood chipper and we can throw him in there!

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Dude his body was identified by his family, there is a video on youtube where you see him murdered. There are multiple witnesses to his murder who have testified in court.

I have not bought anything, I am stating facts.

You are the one stating claims you cannot prove.

I like your style :+1:

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What part of paid crisis actor is hard to understand, these people have been caught numerous times and dumb white people eat this shit up


You are fixated of paedophilia, looks to me like I live rent free in your little mind.

Gotchu player!

You need to work on your catch phrases chester


You sound delusional.

Do you believe sandy hook was a staged event as well as this?

You are fixated on paedophilia, you are not well in the head.

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Sigma 7 i’ll let you look further. You won’t but that’s your problem

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