EUDRA's death recorded numbers by vaccine in Europe


Total european reported death after vaccine shot (numbers from pharmacovigilance EUDRA at the 1st May)

Not even mentioning the hundreds of thousands of cases of serious side effects, sometimes permanent.

But still selling this as if it is just “another drug”.

It seems that the clues are starting to point clearly towards this famous spike protein which is the active principle of the vaccine since precisely the injection of messenger RNA aims mainly to make it synthesize by our own cells. But now, if this protein has potentially pathogenic effects in itself, I’m not sure that having it mass produced by our cells is a good idea.

Worse, what will happen when vaccine recipients encounter a coronavirus with a similar profile in the fall? How will their immune system react?


Latest from uk…


This why I haven’t got jabbed yet

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1 way is not to take the poison…

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ya. not all people are the same. but intrested if the changing will bevdone atall :clown_face: