Ex President of Pfizer Says You Don't Need A Vax!

Former president of Pfizer says the vaccine at most is for extremely vulnerable people.

As per his words, “something smelly is going on.”

Video is short and of all things by someone you’d think would be an advocate for the vax considering his former position. Doctor makes some great points.


You won’t see any mention of him on main stream media then…


that’s really interesting what he was saying about the right to refuse a medical procedure, obviously this would vary from country to country but what about things such as Geneva Convention? :thinking:


and now the vax doesnt even stop transmission


Nuremberg agreement


Although rhe left wing liberal propaganda so called Factcheckers have said this information is false. I will clear it up for people.
Under the Nuremberg code set up after ww2. It CLEARLY states it is against human rights to enforce any experimental vaccines, medication, or procedures against the will of anyone. Or by using means of coercing such as pain loss of liberty’s ect. The fact that the covid vax IS a new not fully tested and only licenced under emergency powers for use. Means it is an experimental vaccine/medical procedure (mRNA vaccines). And has sich any government forcing its citizens to take it against there wishes are in breach of this code. This also goes with the covid passport as it singles out thise not vaccinated. According to the Factcheckers tgis is all a load of bullsh!t. However what the fail to state in these claims is one word and one word only. That word is…
One which will make that of the 11+millions who died in Nazi concentration camps from those at the beginning in the mid late 30s (disabled and infirm) to the political prisoners and Jews. All either worked to death gased or shot. The camps are already springing up globally to detain thise who refuse this vaccine. Or who speak out against it. Now the US election is settled by means of fraud. The globalist elites (GATES, Rockefellers, Sachs, Rothschild, Bezos, Zuckerburg, Dorsey ect.) Are now pushing for there end game. That end game is no different to that idea of the Nazis. A new world global order under one government. And with a new form of human created by scientists that are racially pure. This is where we are now heading


You have to ask why are people like this being censored all over the world and are dismissed as conspiracy theorists by fact checkers who have no medical knowledge whatsoever … we are living in Idiocracy.


You might spot him on milk cartons :ghost: :beers:


It’s an international law. This means that most countries follow this law. The problem starts when you have leaders who flout international laws. Anyone in a decent country can refuse the vaccine. But there are means and ways to force the refusers to take the vaccine that are not illegal.

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“Without Disadvantage or prejudice.”

Would not being allowed to stay at a job because you didn’t vax count as being a disadvantage?

Not being allowed to fly, enter a grocery store…


We will have to see how these globalist governments interpret these international laws…let the battle commence…


You have forgotten one important factor in your litany.

All I have to say is thank God for this website. The mainstream media has become complete propaganda and mental pollution, and it’s nice to know that somewhere, there is uncorrupted truth.


Which is…?

I don’t think we are actually being “forced” to take the vaccine.
Also, the virus is very new so him saying there’s a one in a million chance of dying is pretty dangerous. It’s been shown that this virus can wreck your internal organs.

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Thanks for the reply.

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Exactly! To the point, I don’t even have a decent short cut to a good news site. Best one so far that I know, is , R T