Exposes Cloning

Greeting and welcome to … The Rabbit Hole.
Today we are talking about … CLONING.

Cloning has been talked about since the 30’s. In 1996, Dolly the sheep was famously and successfully cloned, although not officially announced until 1997. In 2002 the first human is cloned at Clonaid, an American Cloning Organization that operates out of the Bahamas and functions under the philosphical principals of the UFO religion Raelism. The clone was named Eve. check out Clonaid’s strange website where they talk about Michael Jackson and cloning:
[News - Clonaid.com](https://www.youtube.com/redirect?

What’s the connection between ISIS, Rhianna, and Bill Cosby? Transhumanism benefits include: super logevity, super intelligence, and super well being but what happens when we all live forever? What about over population? Are we approaching a technological Omega point? A time when A.I.'s are indiscernible from humans? Corey Feldman says that Pedophillia is the biggest problem in Hollywood. What celebrities are under mind control? Can you think of more music videos that symbolically speak about cloning? What are your thoughts on Gucci Mane? Thanks for watching. And until next time …
keep digging.

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Ahh, the Raelians. I’d forgotten about those guys it’s been such a long time.

In true huckster fashion, they found excuses to hem and haw and ultimately rescind their offer of providing proof that they had, indeed, cloned humans.

Another new age cult of the apocalypse hehe.

Yes they did, but you will notice not one of the people that posts them as evidence never digs deep enough to see it…or they just don’t tell it

Things such as that are why TPTB have all the ultimate control. The majority of people do not believe in any conspiracies because of the whacko stuff they read. I once had a man tell me they could clone a full grown man in about a month… a 6 foot tall 180 pound man in that time…

Some of the things you can hear out there in conspiracy world… like a giant invisible city in the sky dropping out bombs causing earthquakes Yep read that one too for real someone believes that.

I think I’m a Clone Now - YouTube

Sick stuff. Which one is the guy turned girl though?.
The breathing was definitely evident in some of these bodies.

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