Extinction Level Events

What happens at the end of our life? We don’t really know. Countless people have died and come back afterwards claiming of life beyond the meat sack.

I’ve personally had two near death experiences, one in a head on collision and the other I was choking on steak. Both experiences everything slowed down to the point of being able to have a side conversation with myself, is this it? is this really how your going to go?

Alas, I’m here still, so no that’s not how I’m going to go, at least those times and for now.

I had a dream the other day. I’m with the family, we’re all hanging out having a family dinner and get together when all of a sudden we go outside and there’s huge massive rocks falling from the sky, blazing on fire with huge smoke trails following them.

It made me think of the Russian videos of the asteroid falling and smashing windows out miles away.

This video was uploaded not too long ago to Reddit and it shows an Australian Body cam capturing showing a meteor travelling in the sky above our Earth during the day.



I dreamt years ago i was walking through the woods on a mountain and out of nowhere 2 people appeared and frantically escorted me down into a underground bunker. It was solid concrete and built into the side of the mountain and had a narrow horizontal window that looked out over the flat land below which stretched out to the horizon. I looked out the window and saw mushroom clouds going off in the distance.
I think we have all had our doomsday dreams. Wonder when the dream becomes a nightmare.

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wow that was a loud explosion, must have been a fair size.


let’s hope never :smiley:

For what it’s worth…

Was at a playground the other day when I noticed this kid kept looking at me.

“You look familiar” he says. “Oh yeah?” Is all I respond with. I asked him how old he was later on, said he was 10.

Never told him he looks familiar to me too, I let him have his moment.

…I miss yer posts…

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they are putting these things in many commercials when they have absolutely nothing to do with the commercial. They are coming

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Was it a Dejavu’ moment for both of you? But on this original post I have unfortunately had some very close calls between life and death…it does seem at that moment you feel total recall,plugged in, and time stands still for a moment…I show I had made bad life decisions and how it caused damage to me and the world around me…i told me u screwed up and this is what’s really important…god, family, compassion, kindness, …it was just clarity at its purest…I had it happen more than once and hope ive learned how to live better and will someday be ashes and dust… but on the dream part of post…I had a dream of clarity and it showed whats gone on over the past 10 years or so it was along dream with sleeping and eating and aging in it…but it showed me the world in turmoil and all the stuff happening in america we would never thought possible and many of us making choices whenever thought we would have to make… I couldnt getalot ofmy family to see the deception…they said your nuts and went on with life like nothing’s happening wrong with our country or world… the dream just stopped abruptly…I sa no nukes or asteroids or world war it was just about decisions and the consequences that people had to face. Sorry this was long but it was a 2 part answer. Thank you I’m concerned too.

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You see all the nothing to do with subject of commercial butpkenty to do with the destruction of the old,weak, and worthless eaters…you are on it … we just talked about that at my house afew weeks back…its blatantly being thrown right in our faces…but better not speak too much about it… oops!?we both slipped


I’ve never yet experienced dejavú while meeting someone from a past life … to me they are two separate things

That’s interesting I had a similar dream. Just before the whole current situation started. In my dream I was stood on a beach with my friends and family,all of a sudden I saw a giant meteore glowing White. Then I huge flash then I woke. Can this all be connected?

I just watched the video again it’s almost exactly like my dream!!

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yikes, kind of freaky, I certainly hope it’s not all connected :smiley:

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I certainly think we all have a neurological attachment. I think it’s a side of our brain we are not using yet. We have so much evolving to do but so little time. Imagine the possibilities if we could communicate like this…