Extinction Rebellion climate change activists smash windows of Barclays HQ

And if i walked into a shop without wearing a mask and these ladies were in the there I’d get the hammer and chisel too, such is the world we live in today.

When do they go extinct?

Can we use retards here?

Cause that’s what im thinking

I would like to see how these ladies would feel about climate change if they knew the full extent of government and corporate abuses of power. I get the feeling their perspective would change drastically.

Amazing how well people can be manipulated by false fear isnt it?

This is caused by agents provocateurs
deliberately placed within social groups to rouse people up into supporting something thats an illusion being subtley pumped into there sub conscious.

They then feel like they are doing something righteous for the world but in reality they are stooges for the fake climate change global nwo agenda again as usual.
Nothing good comes from any of this never does.
Its up to all of us to speak out when we know that wrong doing is taking place like this green agenda scam another wicked deception.

I think you can, i would use that also for Jan 6th to be honest.

Now just think of all that pollution tgat will now be caused in the recycling of that old broken glass and a new glass panel been made🤣 jind of defeats the object really.

I begrudgingly aquess

Like acquiesced but a verb without objecr

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