F-15 EX prototype

I got wind of this yesterday., Figured some of ye might enjoy…
The test flight was a success and looks like 2 of them will be delivered early!!
Move over F-35, The big boys are coming :grinning:


Nice discussion on capabilities for the taxpayer buck between F-15 and F-35 …

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I can see the F-35s getting pulled in all honesty. A friend lives near RAF Lakenheath and said the F-35s seem grounded., that the F-15`s
and V-22 Osprey are the main activity…

They are cheaper to operate so saving budget bucks maybe. Anyway S-400 picking F-15 at 200 miles means nothing if that same F-15 can shoot S-400 from 500 miles away (JASSM-ER).

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