Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp messenger have stopped working across the world

Oh darn, what will we ever do? Since I have none of those, I wouldn’t even have known without my dear DTV informing me. Who needs those when you have DTV? :man_shrugging:


Been having some issues here too. Something up


Confirmed. We have raised a ticket with our hosting provider. We had multiple short outages today, too.

Would like to learn of investment opportunities in DTV. Thank you. Joking a little but am serious.

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Besides supporting us as a Patron, there are none at the moment.

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Nice, hope it continues.

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Biden must have died again.

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I was going to ask about that, I’ve had issues accessing the site today as well and was wondering if it was just me

Whatsapp stopped working for me weeks ago, cutting off my contact with Russia.

My Telecom company is actively hiding and deleting evidence of the threatening and harassing phone calls I have received over the past few years and is not willing to provide me copies of my telephone records.

Don’t use them, been visiting Gab lately, no crazy rules, say pretty much what you want, the way it should be. It’s important to be able to speak your mind, people need to grow some thicker skin.

I have noticed for a while when I msg friends who live in europe some times it take a day or so to get msg an vice versa this was like a month ago germany has had really bad delays for a while but it could just be ex us military because really that’s all I been msging since they deleted my old Facebook when they discovered who all an what all it was used for

At least in europe

Go ahead and get any pay but patreon and apple pay and I’ll chip in.

Boycott Israel
Boycott Patreon

I’m I the only one who never noticed

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