Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg: "...we just don't know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people's DNA with RNA."


Yup that’s my frame of mind, new tech, no one knows nothing about.
Plus more importantly, media controlling the information



Anyone know the context of that admission? Who he was talking to? Was it a group chat?

nice post!

So its Dr. Zuckerberg’s turn to talk now is it?
We here have many opinions too , thank goodness we can share them without harming, altering the planet or human race.

These fake elitists egomaniacs are self titleing Dr.s, Virologists, Epidemiologists, etc (pick title) these are scared little con artists with big money and no souls. They do have Evil in common, that’s all.
Times up.


that’s the clincher isn’t it. I’d say it would be hard af to find if it was leaked… its hard to know what he’s talking about for sure…


Since when does he have a degree in Genetics ??? :rofl:

I am with Mr.Zuckerberg…I think we have put the cart b4 the horse too many times now that i think it’s the norm instead of the exception.

Gene Therapy is not an immune system strengthener or viral killer. How can this be beneficial to the human physiology?

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