Faking "Ashli" Blood




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Also, if you check up on “where Ashli is from” no obituary, no death note and people still believe George Floyd is dead…


IDK about Floyd but Ashli was first buried (with a pic of her mother over her grave crying) but now she’s buried at sea. So did they split the Ashes?

They probably did the ‘no witnesses’ thing. A lot about this case is just off.

“A fourth person, 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, who was fatally shot by a Capitol police officer inside the Capitol, was struck by a bullet to her front left shoulder,”



Ok so she shot in the left shoulder. How did the blood splatter 1st get above her shoulder, 2nd the splatter go toward the door?

Heres a more clear pick Imgur: The magic of the Internet

You can see the blood dripping from the hose onto the pack.

Also at the 6 second mark of the 43 slowed down clip he points to the spot were no blood is. Directing them to do something.

the other guy on the left reaches down to move her hair so it doesn’t get in the way as they at the 18 seconds adjust her position pushing/pulling her to the left of frame, still no blood.

22 seconds the squeeze, (why squeeze the back pack?) if anything you should be removing the pack and anything constricting.

The blood is on her shirt in the middle going to the right. With the darker spot in the middle to the right. But she was supposedly shot upper left shoulder. All the blood should be pouring down her left side. But all we get is splatter near her left ear, pointing toward her shoulder but not touching it.

Look at the blood splatter location compared to her hair vs a pic from earlier that day. Look at the length of the hair to get s sense of the position. If you compare spot location of splatter to hair, you can see that the splatter is on her mid ear about 1 to 2 inches away from the ear and 3 inches above the top of her left shoulder.

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If this was a water camel pack,

1st the opening inner diameter is to large. It’s that large on HydraSim because the blood like additives would cause clumping.

2nd it has a screw thread to attach to additional tubing. If the inner diameter was smaller then any pressure would jet a stream out and instead of s splat effect you get a hose pipe blood spray effect.

Btw camel packs don’t have these because they want you replace the whole plastic water bladder for hygienic reasons like mold or growths. That’s why those water bladders come with a long tube with a slide over cover cap, not a screw cap.

Water cap.

Screw cap


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Bit chute. Com watch the CAPITOL break down video, its all a rues
Same with Floyd watch a brothers hair do


I made a back up a couple months ago. But Wooz focused mostly on the dramatics.

www.bitchute .com/video/DYlb92zMkj41/

And what grabbed my attention was first they didn’t protect the door and just left even though they weren’t in danger.

2nd they guys (police/swat) on the stairs didn’t push through (like their trained too) to get to the door to protect it.

3rd no one looked back when the shoot was fired. Someone fired 15 shoots recently 40 feet from my window and I sure as hell flinched. IDK who wouldn’t flinch when the have their back to the shooter & a shots fired.

Seriously I hope she’s alive, I can take the bullshit. But truth is when they keep telling you you’re an ‘asset’ that just means your gonna be a ‘obstacle’ later on. So she may now be dead but not from the fake blood loss.

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