Family is kicked off a plane because their two-year-old child is eating without a mask


Yet sitting elbow to elbow on a plane for 3 hours is safer with a mask on?
Covid is a lie.

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This is a win! Came back to post this! Lol!

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Hahaha…such a messed up system anymore.

check this out…This happen a month or so ago, They kicked off a UFC fighter from a plane (Cody Garbrandt) because his 2 year old wouldn’t put on a mask, so the flight attendant wanted them off the plane, then hid in restroom for fear of his life when Cody snapped on him and noticed that the pilot and co-pilot weren’t wearing their masks…

Best thing he could have done is FILM ALL OF IT…

I HATE PEOPLE. Think you can do it and other don’t have to.

I hope he sues the LIVING PISS out of em.


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We are allowing this, think about this we are freaking out and allowing a few people to dictate our lives for a manmade virus that has a less than 1% mortality rate. The entire western world is falling apart. Now do you understand why the politicians created a racial divide and allowed this communist organization to roam freely? It was to keep us from uniting and standing against the globalist agenda. Theres to many weak minded fools out there being unwitted pawns used by these globalist elites who seek to control us, depopulation is the next step. United We Stand, Divided We Beg

Damn kids ruin everything.

Speak for yourself their you Sheep.

Wait HIM???

Unbelievable jeff :roll_eyes:

parents with kids thinks they get away with anything and should deserve a certificate for pushing out a degenerate kid, which has been done for thousands of years by many species… kick them off and ban them forever.

Humanity doesn’t have the right to call its self fully sentient. A few of the comments on this thread are testament to that.

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Same as macdonalds and supermarkets being allowed to stay open but small busines is closed & knocked off financially by covid because of the supposed risks,
its becoming more clear each day this pandemic is a huge fakey bigger then 9-11 in fact much bigger.
It is absolutely a nwo world wide power play no doubts now.

Your so right. :clap:
Children in adults bodies hehe.


#1 the child was eating
#2 it’s a small child, they do not need a mask
#3 masks DO NOT WORK!

⸮!ƚiɒd ʞɔi|ɔ ɘmoɔɘd VTᗡ bib ᴎɘʜW


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Glad to see that. Pack yer shit up. You can pick up your last check on Friday! This pandemic crap has given so many people a false sense of authority. You can only push on people so long before they will stand up and let you know exactly where the bear shits.

not the one which the general public buys, they got sold something that can be related to a condom with holes in it.

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