FBI intensifies nationwide manhunt, releases pics of suspected US Capitol

They are pissed about the attack on our capitol.

I saw the press conference and the energy was very vengeful.

Hope things dont escalate from here.

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Pissed? Or worried about the contents on Nancy’s laptop that was confiscated? :smiley:


The hypocrisy again is stunning.


You gotta love the past year of riots and everyone considered it just and righteous. They let this happen because they designed the whole sham. Now it is an attack on democracy. Why are so many fooled by the NWO’s agenda to subjugate the world?


Just stop it already. You,are making no sense.

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Sure. When are you going to wake up?

Trump supporters here on dtv have been talking about civil war for awhile.

Warning us telling us to gear up and get guns and ammo and provisions ready.

Then a failed attack happens people die and now all of a sudden they had nothing to do with?

Guess it wasn’t their house…lol.

Giuliani sent me.

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The whole thing was orchestrated. The NWO has so many divided. SMDH!

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Failed attack? :joy: lolz

we all know what went down there, you celebrating about the feds locking people up for protesting makes it obvious as hell your a commie prick. Its gonna be gulags for you and your family


funny thing is, look at half the people in those pics wearing masks or face covered :rofl:

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Everyone is going down.

Phone records, combing through ip addresses, people’s houses will get raided.

Everyone that went to the capitol will get their guns taken away.

Not sure if felons can own guns.???

I’m pretty sure people here will be investigated as I am sure instigators from DTV were there.

Notice how some people haven’t posted in awhile that posted daily.


Mushroom had to be the guy with the horns and face paint

Can’t find evilshroomz account.

@Airborne been missing.

Couple others.

arent you pissed off too, that some derainged brainwashed thugs, i hope these douchbags attempt such a thing again, cause all they’ll get is hot lead.

I fear what happens to all of the other Trump supporters if that happens.

They might seriously round them up in camps.

That wouldn’t be cool for the non extreme Trump fans.

But if they did a good job and locked up only the ones who are over the edge that’s cool with me.

Take their guns and liberties away.

Take away their pensions and benefits. If your military or police current/former.

Do you think any Trump supporters will see the inside of Gitmo?


spoken like a true communist, I bet you have Stalin on your bedroom wall :joy:

People like you make me absolutely sick, but I would NEVER call for you to be locked up for your political beliefs… :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Not from you though, lil puss puss.

For no crimes Sleepy Joe? Just because? And you think you hold the high ground here do yas? Tyranny bro, your peeps will not be immune. Once an apparatus is in place, new legislation in place to confront rioters, and considering that the right rarely participates in mass protests, which group of people do you suppose these new found powers will be used on? You’re fooling yourself if you don’t say your own peeps brah.

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Is this a joke?

A pic taken a hour after it was taken?

Why do you want me to post the altercation at the doors?

Food for thought.

Trump just asked me to take it easy on you guys and work to come together.

I’m thinking about doing.